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Qubool Hai: Maha Episode Disappoints; Ayaan's Mysterious Injury Keeps Asya Apart!

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Qubool Hai's Maha Episode ends up being just another episode, except for a dream sequence thrown in to keep the hopes up. The promise that Asad and Ayaan had made to their loved ones apparently is going to be left unfulfilled.

Off late, the story has been receiving negative remarks from the viewers. The show seems to be facing the same problem many successful shows have, how to keep the story line interesting. Once the story became a hit, maintaining that status is equally challenging and this seems to be a difficult task for the makers of this show as well.

Now, coming back to the story, the Maha Episode was a bit of a disappointment. Asad and Ayaan has promised Zoya and Humaira that they will be back together as soon as Nikhat and Farhan's wedding takes place.

Now that the wedding has happened, there is no obstacle to keep them apart, so now Ayaan takes Zoya back to Asad, secretly. The secrecy can be a matter for discussion, but for now, we shall assume Ayaan decides to re-unite Asad and Zoya, no matter what.

Ayaan, however, is hurt badly. The reason for him to keep this a secret, until he decides to faint due to loss of blood, is most probably to get Nikhat married without any obstacles. Also, reunite Asad and Zoya the same day.

Ayaan manages through the wedding, but falls flat when he is taking Zoya back to Asad. This definitely show red flags for Asad and Zoya getting re-untied any time soon.

Asad reaches the hospital to see Zoya tending to Ayaan. Zoya is upset with all that is happening and as a result they are kept apart for longer than expected. Asad reassures her again that everything will be fine very soon, but the viewers already know that Zoya will be turning into a good wife and will tend to her husband Ayaan until he recovers.

The reason how and why Ayaan got hurt and who did this to him, however, seems to be of no importance to any one. Let's wait and watch if today's episode holds the answers for these questions.

Asad Waiting For Zoya

Asad would be waiting for Zoya's arrival.

Ayaan With Humaira

Humaira, who is in pain due to the make-up mishap, would give Ayaan an excuse to take care of her.

Zoya Arrives

Zoya would arrive at Asad's place, where Asad would have surprise planned for her.

Asad Reminiscing

Asad would be reminiscing Zoya and his past memories.

Surprise Rain

Asad would surprise Zoya by showering her with rose petals.

Asad And Zoya Separation

Asad and Zoya have been separated for quite some time now and the viewers are awaiting their re-union as soon as possible.


The whole scenario about Zoya being with Asad and his surprise would turn out to be a dream of Asad's.

Maha Episode Disappoints

Maha Episode which claimed to have something special turned out to be just another episode.

Asad And Zoya To Stay Apart

With Ayaan being hurt, Asad and Zoya are going to be apart for little while longer.

Asya On Hold

Let's wait and watch what today's episode has in store for us.

Zoya Upset

Zoya would be pretty upset about the latest turn of events.

Zoya When Asad Leaves

After Nikhat's wedding, Asad would leave. He would have to leave Zoya too.

Asad During Nikhat's Wedding

Asad would be happy seeing Zoya during Nikhat's wedding.

Ayaan Promises Asad

Ayaan would promise Asad that he will bring Zoya back to him very soon.

Zoya Sees Asad

Zoya would be happy to see Asad during Nikhat's wedding.

Asad's Hairstyle

Asad, Karan Singh Grover's hairstyle.

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