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Qubool Hai's Mother Of All Twists - Asya To Become Zoyaan!

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Qubool Hai's latest promo has shocked all the fans to a panic. Along with this the rumours making rounds about Ayaan getting married to Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti), and not Asad (Karan Singh Grover), has made almost all the fans of Asya agitated.

Qubool Hai and Asya fans in all social media networks have been showing their dismay and shock with the news about Ayaan marrying Zoya and not Asad. Though there are no proof of this happening as of now, many are confidently claiming that the scene has been shot and will air on Friday too.

The promo that has been making rounds from past week has caused this panic about Zoyaan happening. The presence of Tanveer in the promo says that she will play a major role in the upcoming twist.

It is also said that Tanveer will be the one who will fill Asad's mind with suspicion about Ayaan and Zoya. But the possibility of Asad even interacting with Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) after knowing what she was about to do to Zoya is very less.

Also there must be a gigantic reason for Ayaan to actually get married to Zoya when he knows how much his brother, Asad, loves Zoya! And definitely there must be a astronomical reason to keep Asad from letting this happen!

The latest rumours say that Tanveer will get Ayaan and Zoya get married by mistake! Well this can be a possibility, but how does Tanveer manage to pull off such tricks single-handedly while everyone present? We'll just have to wait and watch.

Shocking Fans

This photo showing Ayaan and Zoya has been shocking the fans of Qubool Hai. What exactly the scene is? We have to wait for the episode.


Zoya and Ayaan might get married. The signs making rounds says so.

Asad - Najma

Asad, though would not be happy about Najma going to Rashid's house alone, he would understand her later.

Humaira's Cake

Humaira would have proposed to Ayaan to marry her with a cake and just before it takes place the cake gets ruined. Though Humaira suspects this to be bad luck, Ayaan would stop her from thinking any such thing.

Dilshad - Rashid

Najma would see Dilshad missing her father Rashid and would decide to do something about this. She goes to Rashid's house to invite them for her wedding. Though some of Rashid's family members object to this, when Nikhat wishes Najma and would accept the invitation, others would be left with no choice.

Zoya's Future

When Zoya would be confronted with her future, she would not understand what is said to her. But apparently her fate is in fact going to change drastically very soon.

Asad And Zoya

The happy times Asad and Zoya are enjoying apparently is not going to last long.

Ayaan To Get Involved

Ayaan is some how going to get involved in Asad and Zoya's story.

Ayaan And Humaira

Ayaan and Humaira who have just got together will be getting separated very soon.


Tanveer is going to be back on the show. In the promo she will bump into Zoya. Might this represent her causing some issue that will cause all the drama?

Zoya - Ayaan

Zoya after bumping into Tanveer will fall into Ayaan's arms. This can say that, after Tanveer causes some issue Ayaan will be the one to help Zoya?

Asad Suspects Ayaan And Zoya?

Asad apparently would suspect Zoya! There must be some major reason to cause this!

Mukaddar Ka Khel

Qubool Hai is going to see a major twist in the tale with Mukaddar Ka Khel. Let's watch how the story goes.

Nikhat To Marry Farhan

Nikhat will get introduced to Farhan and most probably she will get happily married to him.

Asya Hide And Seek

The game that Asya would play in the promo might probably be saying that they might decide to not see each other before the wedding and this might give Tanveer a chance to interfere cunningly.

Asya Get Separated

Asya would get separated very soon and the drift they have to endure will make them suffer for the whole time.


Humaira and Zoya's lives will meet at a crossroad very soon. Their lives apparently will turn upside down very soon.

Tanveer - Imran Issue

Tanveer and Imran would be discussing outside Asad's house and Zoya happens to see them. During this she would drop the gifts that Rashid had handed over to her to give it to Asad.

Asad's 5th Gift

Asad's gift happens to be that he wishes he got gifts from his father. Zoya tries to make this wish come true by getting all the gifts from Rashid, which he had not been able to give Asad. But Zoya would break the gifts by accident.

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