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Qubool Hai: Rishad motivates Zoya to get solid proof

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Qubool Hai, Zoya's attempt to get Tanveer's real personality in front of all the residents has repeatedly failed. She got some solid evidence the last time when she found Tanveer's burn patches on her dressing table.

But the mistake Zoya made was, under-estimating Tanveer. By the time she bought this issue in front of the family, she has actually managed to get herself burnt for real. Again Zoya got embarrassed. Asad again is angry with her. And this time Dilshad too is upset with her behaviour.

Qubool Hai

Zoya is left standing alone, when she actually is the honest person. The person who seemed to support her was only Rishad. Rishad, who was not present during any of these instances, can see all these issues from a fresh point of view.

After listening to Zoya, he finds that she has a valid point. He then advices her to be vigilant at home from then on and to see to it she finds solid proof this time before she tries anything in front of Asad.

Zoya determined now is going to be more attentive at home. She even finds the knife by which Tanveer was supposedly attacked. She manages to acquire the knife for finger-proofing. Tanveer though tries to stop her, fails to do so. But she is aware that Zoya is up to something. Zoya's new found determination to get to Tanveer seems to be becoming interesting.

Asad, however, has still not been able to manage time to propose to Zoya. He has been missing opportunities time and again. He had the perfect chance when they clashed outside Tanveer's window. He had the romantic dinner planned during which he had her for himself for quite some time. Asad needs to get the words out soon before he might somehow loose all chances of getting Zoya.

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