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Qubool Hai story prediction using spoiler photos

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Qubool Hai, which has got the attention of a large section of viewers, has been getting a lot interesting lately. There was also a Mahasangam episode yesterday which got Qubool Hai, Punar Vivah and Connected Hum Tum to inter-connect for an episode.

The Mahasangam episode gave not much development to the show Qubool Hai, and we have to wait for today's episode to see if the main characters Asad and Zoya find each other or not.

In the story of Qubool Hai, Asad and Tanveer have left to home. Tanveer thinks she has pushed Zoya off the cliff and has successfully killed her, solving her problem forever. Asad, being rejected by Zoya, is carrying a shattered heart and has decided to live life in Zoya's memory. And last but not the least, Zoya, survives the fall from the cliff, saves herself and is on her way to reach her loved ones.

The story is at this point and we have to wait for today's episode to see if Zoya reaches Asad or not. What Tanveer is planning to do next? Until then, here are few of the spoiler photos that have been making rounds today on Twitter. Have fun...

Asad's Wedding?

Asad is dressed in a black Jodhpuri suit. Which can indicate that there is some celebration at their residence.

Spoiler Photo 1

Asad, in rain, is seen in the same Jodhpuri suit. He might be called to meet someone.

Asad Sees Someone

Asad is at some isolated place, he sees someone in car.

Asad Meets His Father

Asad meets his dad while some function is happening at his residence.

Rashid Called Asad Here?

Rashid might have called Asad to meet him. We will have to see what Rashid has to say to Asad.

Asad Angry?

Asad is seen angry in this photo. This might mean Asad receives some news he does not like from Rashid.

Zoya Slaps Tanveer

Zoya slaps Tanveer when she gets back home. It would definitely be well deserved slap. And a fun slap for us to watch.

Happy Prediction

Since we are on a roll predicting the story, we might as well predict something good. We can predict Asad and Zoya meeting in the rain once again like before.

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