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Qubool Hai: Upsetting Fans; Asad Cannot Marry Zoya Now! Fan Tweets

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Qubool Hai, the Zee TV show has lately been receiving very bad feedback from their fans across the globe. The latest twist where just before Asad and Zoya's wedding, Zoya gets into trouble and ends up marrying Asad's brother Ayaan, is not sitting well with the viewers.

To get a clear picture of how the viewers are reacting to the latest twist, here are the tweets that the fans have been posting:
QUBOOL HAI ASYA FC: It's true, I love my dramas to the max, but I love my religion a gazillion times more than them... what Gul did is intolerable.

ZahraKSG: I think it was stupid of Zoya and Ayaan to decide 2 hide the nikaah !Just shows how little they care about Asad ! #QuboolHai Stop da lying!


QUBOOL HAI ASYA FC: So in reality, Zoya is Asad's sister-in-law and fiancé as if right now...Pukes* #quboolhai What's happening?!! MyAsya:( My poor babies:(

ary: i am planning to quit qubool hai so annoying now Nothing ever happens Psst i'll dedicate that time to Big Boss.

Reshma: We've been waiting for an Asya wedding for like 9876423597 years and we got a Zoyaan wedding in like 5 minutes.

There are just few of the tweets where as there are thousand of messages are expressed on all social media networks.

Also, does it mean Asad cannot marry Zoya now!

Zoya Takes Off

While the house is filled with guests, and Najma's and Asya's wedding is going to take place, Zoya takes off in her bike to investigate regarding Imran.

Vikram-Ayaan Fight

Ayaan and Humaira would be attacked by Vikram and his men.

Zoya Escapes

Zoya escapes and ends up getting married to Ayaan.

Tanveer Threatens Zoya

Tanveer would catch Zoya and tie her and threatens to harm her.

Hiding From Vikram

Ayaan and Humaira hiding from Vikram and his men.

Zoya Becomes A Bride In A Wrong Place

Zoya hides behind a dupatta when the goons would persist to search for her.

Ayaan Hiding From Vikram

Ayaan too will be hiding behind a pardah when Vikram's gang would continue to search for him.

Zoya Agrees

Zoya would agree to marry Ayaan under pressure. She would not realise what she is doing until it is too late.

Zoya And Ayaan

Zoya and Ayaan say yes to marrying each other by accident. Is this marriage valid?

Ayaan Married To Zoya

Ayaan becomes the groom while trying to survive.

Zoya Says Yes!

Zoya will get the shock of her lifetime when she realises she has married Ayaan!

Asad's Reaction

Asad's reaction when he realises Zoya has run away and got into trouble and has ended up marrying Ayaan?

Last Asya Moment

Would this be the last romantic moment for Asya?

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