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Qubool Hai: Why Is Asad Worried About Tanveer When Zoya Knows...

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Qubool Hai's story is moving in Zig Zag. Why is Asad (Karan Singh Grover) worried about Tanveer's blackmailing when Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) knows the truth about that night? Will Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) manage to get married to Asad by this?

It is a known fact that the show Qubool Hai is moving forward with the intention to maintain good TRP ratings. The twists in the tale and the separation between the love birds seem to remain constant in an attempt to keep the ratings up.

The latest twist with Zoya getting married to Ayaan, the step brother of Asad, whom Zoya was in love with, has not settled well among the viewers and their response on various sites prove this point. But the latest addition is that Tanveer is back to Asad and is trying to blackmail him. She would use some photos she took of him and her together.

Though Asad would push aside her blackmailing, the threat of Tanveer managing to get married to him using these photos is quite possible. Though there is no confirmation regarding this, with the number of twists the story is taking, this too is quite possible.

Also, the story between Ayaan and Zoya too seem to be shown in a confusing manner off late. Though both of them are in love with different people and they are seen being quite friendly with each other, the reason to show them embracing each other and having eye-locks is yet to be revealed. Also, the confusion among the fans saying Zoya and Ayaan might end up together has been creating panic off late too.

Let's wait and watch what new surprises are in store for us on the show Qubool Hai.

Ayaan And Salman Khan

Ayaan and Zoya would bond over being the biggest Salman Khan fans.

Zoya And Ayaan Compatible

Zoya and Ayaan start being compatible with each other with each passing day.

Zoya Asad

Zoya and Asad are now in talking terms. Asad would have promised Zoya that they will be together in seven days.


Shirin asks Zoya to change into appropriate clothes to meet some relatives.

Badi Bi

Badi Bi too would ask Zoya to change into traditional clothes.

Zoya Agrees

Zoya would agree only because she will be doing all this only for seven days.

Zoya And Ayaan

After Zoya being shown off to all the relatives, Ayaan and Zoya make fun of them in their room.

Babi Bi Gifts Zoya

Badi Bi would gift Zoya some jewellery to wear for Nikhat's engagement.

Zoya To Babi Bi

When Babi Bi gifts Zoya some jewellery, Zoya would say that she does not usually wear such big jewellery.


Zoya and Humaira would often run into each other to have their awkward moments.

Asad Thinks About Zoya

Asad would think about Zoya often.

Asad's Promise

Would Asad be able to keep up his promise?

Zoya's Confidence In Asad

Zoya has been relaxed with Ayaan these days since Asad has promised he will solve all issues in seven days.

Tanveer Again

Tanveer is back again. She sends Asad some photos that she had clicked of themselves.

The Photo

Tanveer would blackmail Asad using this photo.

Asad Sees The Photo

Asad would be very disturbed when he sees the photo Tanveer sends.

Tanveer Tells Asad

Tanveer tells Asad that she will leak the photos to the media.

Asad's Reaction

Asad would get very angry seeing the photos. Though he would not budge to Tanveer's threats, he is worried about it nonetheless.

Latest Spoilers

Latest spoilers show that Ayaan and Zoya get into many awkward situations.

Ayaan Catches Zoya

Ayaan would catch Zoya from falling in front of all the relatives.

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