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Qubool Hai: Will Tanveer Be Back For Vengeance?

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Now that Tanveer's true colours are out in the open in Qubool Hai, Asad and Zoya are at peace and have also got back together. But can they afford to relax while Tanveer is out there angry and plotting for vengeance?

When Asad caught Tanveer red handed trying to set Zoya on fire, he threw her out of his house immediately. Even though Tanveer tried to cover up what she was about to do, Asad, this time, was not in a mood to even listen to anything she had to say.

Tanveer is kicked out of the house by Zoya herself and she closes the gate on Tanveer, putting her out of their lives once and for all. Or that is what Zoya, Asad and the rest of the family have been thinking they have done. But knowing Tanveer, Zoya should know that Tanveer is not the kind who would accept defeat this easily.

Tanveer, who had plotting repeatedly to kill Zoya, had to keep her hands clean since she wanted to marry Asad after all. But now that Asad knows about her, Tanveer has nothing to lose. She would go to all extremes to get her vengeance.

When Asad and Zoya have got back together after a very long separation, they are in for new surprises from Tanveer, who would emerge again in their lives causing trouble as usual.

Until then, here are some of Tanveer's various avatars that caused minor and major earthquakes in the show Qubool Hai.

Tanveer's First Attempt At Killing Zoya

First time when Tanveer tried to kill Zoya was when she tried to drop a chandelier on Zoya.

Tanveer's Successful Trick

One of Tanveer's successful trick was the time when she convinced everyone that Asad had slept with her. This had caused a major earthquake in the story.

The Story Changed At This Point

Tanveer, who has been winning with all her tricks, at last got caught red handed. The entire story changed with her end.

Tanveer Evil Personified

Tanveer is the type of person who would at the first look who follows all the rules set by religion. But only when one read the person will they know the evil hidden in them.

Zoya And Tanveer Challenge

There has always been a tiff between Tanveer and Zoya because of their difference in thinking and also because Tanveer wants what is supposed to be Zoya's.

Zoya Gets To Throw Tanveer Out

Like the saying goes, Truth always prevails, Zoya though had lost repeatedly at Tanveer's tricks prevailed eventually. Zoya herself would throw Tanveer out of the house.

Asad Caught Her Red Handed

Asad caught Tanveer red handed while she tried to set her on fire while doing her Namaaz.

Tanveer's Last Trick?

Tanveer's last trick at killing Zoya flopped and even got her into trouble. The previous attempts failed, but she was not even suspected. But this time she was caught red handed and had no escape what so ever.

Tanveer - Amrapali Gupta

Tanveer played by Amrapali Gupta is a perfect fit for the actress. She has been playing the role impeccably and is extremely believable.

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