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Qubool Hai: Asad Gets Zoya's Consent To Marry Tanveer!

By: Girija Narayan
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When Zoya comes to know the reason why Asad has decided to marry Tanveer, also feels that it is justified why he wants to marry Tanveer.

When Tanveer tells Asad that she has got pregnant, Asad declares that he would marry her. But, Asad would choose not to tell Zoya the reason in an attempt to protect her from knowing the ugly truth. But the truth makes its way out no matter how much one hides it.

When Tanveer was about to eat papaya while breaking their fast, Asad would chide her for being so careless about what she should and should not eat in her condition. This would get everyone else sit back and think about why Asad would react in such a way. Eventually, they realise the reason why Asad has decided to marry Tanveer in such a haste.

Zoya then says Asad that his reasons to marry Tanveer is justified and she, in fact, insists that he marry her. But she also says that she will no longer stay at his house and would return to the US and might not ever return back. Asad shattered with this news is again back to square one.

The Family Sit To Break Fast

Asad's family sit together at the end of the day to break their fast. Tanveer chooses to sit next to Asad, but all his eyes would be on Zoya the entire time.


They would pray before they break the fast.

Asad Chide Tanveer

Tanveer would start eating papaya. When she is about to eat, Asad chides her for being this careless, when in fact she has to be extra careful about what to eat and what not to eat.

Everyone would be shocked to see this sudden change of behaviour.

Everyone Realise The Reason Why Asad Is Marrying Tanveer

When Asad fumes at Tanveer and walks off, everyone else start to think about his behaviour and realise that Tanveer is pregnant. And this is the reason he is marrying her in such a hurry.

Zoya Says Good Bye To Asad

Zoya then says to Asad that the reason why he is marrying Tanveer is justified and says that it is correct that he should marry her.

She also adds that she can no longer stay here and will be moving back to USA and adds she might not return again.

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