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Qubool Hai: Zoya now has Asad's name seared on her hands

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Qubool Hai has been turning a lot more serious and scorching hot lately. Zoya played by Surbhi Jyoti and Asad played by Karan Singh Grover are getting married very soon, and Tanveer, the scheming traitor wants to stop the wedding from happening no matter what.

Zoya and Asad's mehandi ceremony is being celebrated full fledged at Asad house. Zoya decides to wear the sleeveless white dress that Asad gifts her. Tanveer fails to make Asad react against Zoya wearing that dress in front of all the relatives. She then resorts to adding acid in Zoya's mehandi.

Zoya though happy about the ceremony is apprehensive about Tanveer and her schemes. Tanveer thinking Zoya would not be able to bare mehandi mixed with acid, tries to warn her off. But she did not expect Zoya to go ahead with the ceremony.

Zoya withstands the pain from the burning acid. She gets mehandi on both her hands, the whole time baring a smile on her face for Asad. But when it was time to reveal the colour of the mehandi to all the relatives, she hides from everyone that Tanveer was the one who had caused this.

She instead tells that the burns were caused because she is allergic to mehandi instead of telling the truth. It was, in fact, a good move, considering she did not have any proof against Tanveer. Zoya now bares Asad's name scorched into her hands for ever.

Tanveer Puts Asad's Name On Zoya's Hands

When it was time to write Asad's name on Zoya's hand, Zoya insists that Tanveer do the honours. Though hesitant, Tanveer was cornered to do as Zoya says.

Zoya Withstands Intense Pain

Zoya withstands the pain of acid mehandi with a smile on her face for Asad. Though in intense pain she does not even attempt to escape from this.

Asad Helps Zoya

Asad and Zoya have a lovely moment during the ceremony. With mehandi on hands, Zoya would attempt to drink some water. Seeing her struggling Asad volunteers to help her.

Zoya Lacks Proof Against Tanveer

When everyone in the family discover the burnt hands of Zoya, they are shocked. Even when everyone asks her how this happened, Zoya does not name Tanveer, since she does not have any proof against Tanveer.

Zoya Covers For Tanveer

Zoya instead tells that she is allergic to mehandi and she did not want anything to upset the ceremony. Dilshad embraces Zoya for her love for her son.

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