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Qubool Hai: Post Rajveer, Romance Fills The Air

By: Girija Narayan
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Qubool Hai, the show revolving around Asad (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti), along with entertaining their viewers, have always been keen on sending out messages to the society. This time they have taken the serious issue that the women of India have been facing in recent times - their safety.

Gul Khan, who has been trying to send out messages through the story, this time has again dealt with the issue in the most realistic manner. Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti), who happens to take a lift from a stranger (Rajveer), comes to find out about his stalking tendencies.

Though she tries to ignore the person initially, the person would persistently keep calling her. On the engagement ceremony of Najma, Rajveer would arrive unannounced and tries to misbehave with her. This would lead to her finally realise that what Asad had said initially was in fact the apt judgement of this person.

Zoya, a strong independent woman, would stand up for herself and for other women suffering from such poisoned elements existing among us in the society. Zoya would slap Rajveer, and thus indirectly slapping the people like him on behalf of all the woman who are living in fear of their safety today.

After all this ordeal, the show gets back to the romance of the two couple - Asad and Zoya, and Ayaan and Humaira bonding back again. Humaira, who had misinterpreted the whole scenario of Ayaan, had gone on isolation and self-destruction mode. Now she has come back to realising the truth about Ayaan's love. Though it took a little while to rectify what she had done in her rage, she will manage to do it with a hug.

Zoya Suspicious

Zoya had noticed Imran's behaviour, especially the presence of the letter 'T' in the gift box. She even sees the person in burkah whom Imran was eying strangely.


Asad and Zoya are going strong despite the small disturbances caused by the weird strangers and other quarrels.

Imran On Phone

Zoya would watch Imran talking on phone often and though she did not overhear him properly, she knew there was something amiss about his behaviour.

From the time she received the call from the nursing hospital she has been suspicious about Imran.


Zoya, who would be searching for the person in burkah, finds Imran talking to that person again. And the person she comes to know is Tanveer.

Shocked, she confronts him about her and what she was talking to him about. But Imran denies having any sort of a connection with Tanveer. This would get Zoya even more suspicious since she saw him talking to her for long.

Ayaan And Humaira

Humaira, who had been going out of her way to avoid Ayaan, realises the truth and rectifies all her mistakes by one single hug.


Asya too, after the episode with Rajveer, get back together. Apparently, they dance together very soon and the fans are waiting eagerly to watch their favourite couple dance again.

Imran Najma Engagement

Though their engagement takes place with minimum disturbance, the wedding however might not be as simple as this. Let's wait and watch how it goes.

Asad-Zoya Post Rajveer

After the slap, Asya get back together to comfort each other.

Romance In The Air

The show is going to get back to romance between and now Ayaan and Humaira too are going to join them.

The Hide And Seek Game

These images nave been circulating many story predictions off late and some of them seem to be confusing and angering many fans.

Ayaan Interfering Asya?

The possibility that Ayaan will be causing a drift between the most favourite couple Asya has been making rounds for quite some time now.

Since Ayaan knows how much his beloved brother loves Zoya, the chances of him interfering is quite low. Let's wait and see if any of these rumours are true or not.


Asad and Zoya who have been happy with their lives even with the small disturbances from Rajveer, apparently will face challenges very soon.

How our favourite couple face these troubles? How will they survive and still stay together? Let's wait and watch.

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