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Qubool Hai: Zoya starts to strike back

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Qubool Hai has stepped off the brakes and decided to push the accelerator. The story is getting spicier now as Zoya has found a new zeal to stand tall.

Zoya, who has been taking all the blows from everyone, especially Tanveer, has started to show that she has a backbone too. She has been taken lightly even by Asad. He has continued to misjudge her and insult her honesty.

The same happened yesterday, when he found her wearing a mini skirt. He, as usual, started accusing her for doing this to irritate him deliberately. Zoya usually takes this even without getting a chance to explain herself. But that was not the case this time. She took a stand on her behaviour and voiced her justification.

On the other hand, Zoya also finds the knife and hides it successfully. Even with Tanveer trying to get it back, she manages to keep it safe. She then seeks Rashid's help to get it examined for finger prints. Tanveer eavesdrops Zoya and Rashid's conversation and tries to steal the knife from them. But Zoya is careful this time. She misleads her successfully and gives Rashid the knife.

Also Zoya when accidentally puts something in Tanveer's good eye, Tanveer would behave very strangely by looking away from Zoya and talking to her in a completely opposite direction since she cannot see from the stone eye. Zoya is stunned to notice this.

We will have to wait and watch what Zoya does after this. Also, the results of forensic examination would reveal a lot many clues. Now we have to see how Asad reacts to Zoya's new found confidence.

Zoya And Tanveer

Zoya, who predicts Tanveer's behaviour, is careful this time when she give Rashid the knife. She misleads Tanveer and surprises her.

Asad Zoya Story

Zoya, when accused of wearing a mini skirt deliberately irritates Asad, she stands up for herself. She justifies herself this time without giving Asad a chance to humiliate her again.

Tanveer Misled

Tanveer is misled by Zoya. Zoya successfully passes the knife to Rashid by misleading Tanveer away. Zoy, at last, took over Tanveer.

Rashid Helpful

Rashid is the only person who gives Zoya the benefit of doubt. When Zoya seeks out to him to help her with the forensics of the knife, he offers to help her.

Tanveer's Eye In Spot Light

Tanveer would be found looking in a completely opposite direction, when something falls in her eyes. Zoya is stunned at realising something is wrong with her left eye.

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