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Qubool Hai: Zoya's Turn To Fulfill Asad's Wishes!

By: Girija Narayan
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Post Qubool Hai's Eid festivities, Asya's house has become a very calm and comfortable place. With all the love in the air, happiness is on the surface while the troubles are simmering on the side.

Though Asad was not able to find Zoya's father, she was happy enough that she came to know that he exists and was in fact in their house. Though technically, Asad did not fulfill all her wishes, both are satisfied that the day will soon come. The romance does not stop here and now it seems like it is Zoya's turn to fulfill Asad's wishes.

The first wish Asad asked for, was to sleep in peace looking at her. But since they can't sleep together, Asad says his wish has to wait. But Zoya has other plans. When Asad can get her stars and moon, she can solve this simple obstacle too.

Zoya comes up with an idea to get Asad watch her throughout the night without being in the same room. Tech savvy Zoya decides to use their web cams to be in front of Asad throughout the night. Asad, who was happy to watch her sleep, ends up being awake the whole night and sleepy the whole day.

While all this romance is keeping the love birds occupied, on the other side of the story, Humaira is coming back. Post the whole episode of Rajini being kidnapped by Vikram and Ayaan fighting with him to save her, Humaira would be shocked when Ayaan tells her the truth about her condition. She then looses consciousness scaring everyone.

Asad's Turn To Wish

After Asad fulfilling all of Zoya's wishes, it is now Zoya's turn to fulfill Asad's wishes. Asad's first wish happens to be that he wants to sleep peacefully looking at her.

Asad Content

Asad's wish to watch Zoya sleep comes true. He gets to watch his beloved sleep the whole night.

Asya Asleep Together

Asad gets to watch Zoya the whole night and he falls asleep happily watching her.

Asad In The Morning

Asad post the whole night of watching Zoya sleeping is disoriented and sleepy. Dilshad too is surprised to see him drink coffee too many times.

Zoya And Asad

Zoya is amused to watch Asad struggle to keep himself awake. Only she knew what had kept him awake all night.

Razia's Punishment

Razia who gets caught having tortured Badi B, will now have to undergo the same treatment herself. She will be punished by making her work making chilli powder manually.

Razia would swear to have her revenge soon.


Razia will now be working in a chilli powder factory. Though she is mortified with the conditions, she has no choice but to go through this for having tortured Badi B that bad.

Trouble Simmering

For the time being everything seems to be under control, but trouble is slowing brewing on the side which will cause one hurricane after another very soon.

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