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Bigg Boss 7: Day 8 - Tanisha Plays Angel, While Rajat The Cry Baby!

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Bigg Boss Season 7, the show hosted by Salman Khan, has just completed one week and has already become a hot favourite show for millions. Hazel evicted from the house, Gauhar and Armaan exchange places, Gauhar and Kushal getting too close, captain Tanisha plays angel. The tasks, fights, misunderstandings, pretensions and what not, it has all been served on plate every day.

With Hazel Keech getting eliminated last week, there are 14 contestants living in Bigg Boss house. Also, Gauhar Khan from Heaven was sent to Hell and Armaan was bought to Heaven from Hell. Armaan seems happy to have left Hell for obvious reasons, but Gauhar Khan, on the other hand, has found one Hell-mate (Kushal Tandon) in particular, very interesting.

Gauhar and Kushal were seen bonding a little too much in the house and they seem to be pretty happy in each other's company as well. Leaving the "close friends" aside, we shall move on to Rajat Rawail. The happy looking chap is not that happy after all. He has been seen crying in various circumstances.

Though many are finding it amusing, Tanisha Mukherjee, on the other hand, got a bit emotional seeing a fellow Heaven-mate hurting. She requested a doctor to be sent to examine Rajat and was even seen removing her mike as a protest to send help.

Tanisha post being elected a captain has been seen as an angel in the house. She helped Rajat, she has become friends with the big guy Armaan, she is close to all the biggies in the house for that matter. We just have to wait and watch if it is her real self or the angel eventually shows some of her dark sides.

Rajat Gets Emotional

The day starts with Rajat getting emotional as he is missing his family and is seen talking about this to the Heaven-mates.

Rajat Packs His Bags

Due to his continuous bad health and depression, Rajat further starts packing his bags and is planning to leave the house.

Would't Stop Crying

When Rajat wouldn't stop crying and still complained of unbearable pain, Bigg Boss assured him that his family is doing well and asks him to take care of his health.

Tanisha Mukherjee

As the captain, Tanisha requests Bigg Boss to send a doctor to examine Rajat as his health is getting worse, further revolting by removing her mike until the doctor is sent in. Bigg Boss finally calls her inside the confession room and also sends a doctor for Rajat's help.

Rajat Fake?

Many are suspecting if Rajat is being fake. Only time can answer this.

Andy, The Kaamwalli

Andy is seen working like a maid in the house and everybody has framed him to be a kaamwalli.

Shilpa Agnihotri

Shilpa still remains neutral taking stand only for her husband.

Sangram Imitated Rajat

Sangram made a funny start to the morning. He imitated Rajat and his behaviour in front of the Hell-mates. Everyone has a hearty laugh.

Elli Avram

Elli got some Hindi lessons from Sangram who taught her a sentence in Hindi calling everyone her brother except Salman Khan and him.

Armaan To Rajat

Armaan tells Rajat that because of him everyone has become sad and negative. He told him not to behave this way any further and to be patient.

Something Cooking?

Something seems to be cooking between Kushal and Gauhar. Both of them look very happy in each other's company, though Gauhar warns Kushal not to trust anyone including her as far as the game is concerned. Kushal is not bothered and he says that he will always trust her. Kushal later sings song for Gauhar.

Sleeping Beauty

Rajat was seen sleeping in the house.

Armaan And Tanisha

Armaan found a friend in Tanisha. They started bonding while talking about Gauhar and her game.

Tanisha Played The Angel

Day 8 saw Tanisha playing an angel, while Rajat the cry baby of the house.

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