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Bigg Boss 7 - Kushal Tandon: Salman Khan Apologised To Me; Salman: I Was Being Polite!

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Bigg Boss 7's Weekend Ka Wow had Salman Khan clarifying what made Kushal Tandon "think" Salman apologised to him. Salman says the context in which he said sorry was no where related to what he claims it was.

While Salman Khan was talking to the contestants regarding the issue of them apologising to the others when they would have hurt them, Salman took the topic to Kushal's issue. Salman said that Kushal is claiming outside that he apologised to him, and he clarified to everyone by telling what exactly he had said to Kushal.

Salman had apparently said to Kushal, "Beta, let go, have a blast inside, naam banake baahar niklo and if I have hurt you I am Sorry, my intention is not that." He added, " This is being polite. Not for any other reason. That does not mean ki aap mileage le uspar. That's not cool."

He continued adding, "Andar kaun kaun hai who want to see Kushal again?" As expected Gauhar Khan, Kamya Panjabi, Pratyusha Banerjee and Ajaz Khan raised their hand. While this was happening Armaan and Tanisha voiced their displeasure regarding having someone with such volatile behaviour inside the house is a good idea. They even said if he returns to the show, it means that anyone can do anything and come back on the show again. Salman Khan said he is just the host and Bigg Boss gets to decide on this topic.

Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol was on the show to promote his film Singh Saab The Great.

Sunny Dance

Sunny Deol shook a leg with some lucky fans of his.

Candy Out

Candy was happy to be out of the house.

Elli, The Angel

Elli Avram seems to be the most honest person on the show. Salman said the same too.

Armaan-Ajaz Contest

Armaan and Ajaz were asked to compete in a lassi drinking contest.

Sangram Got A Broom

Payal, Sangram's girlfriend sent him a broom as a gift.

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar was again defensive while talking to Salman Khan.

Armaan And Ajaz

Armaan and Ajaz start off just when Candy was leaving.

Sangram, The Gentleman

Salman Khan was all praises towards Sangram Singh, particularly during his fight with Armaan Kohli.

Candy Out

Candy was relieved as she was sent out of the Bigg Boss house.

Salman Khan Advice

Salman Khan advised Tanisha to give it back to Armaan the next time he disrespects her.

Andy's Family

Very lovely message from Andy's family.

VJ Andy

Andy was very happy when he was watching the video from his family.


Payal, Sangram's girlfriend sent a message to him.


Sangram was happy receiving Payal's message. He also got a call on the weekend episode and a broom as her gift to him.

Kamya's Daughter

Twinkle Twinkle little star, Kamya's daughter sang for her mom.

Kamya Overjoyed

Kamya was extremely happy when she got to watch her daughter's video.

Sofia And Gauhar

Sofia and Gauhar had an argument. Sofia took Sangram's side when Gauhar was calling him a liar.

Gauhar Said...

Gauhar asked Sofia not to interfere when she is talking to someone else (Sangram).

Asif Azim Issue

Sofia claimed Gauhar lied when she said Asif Azim checked her out. She tried to tell Gauhar has changed her stand too and it is not just Sangram.

Sofia Gave Up?

Sofia Hayat stood strong, but when Gauhar continued to raise her voice, she said OK.

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan yet again tried to justify herself. She seems to have taken offense when Sofia walked off when she was talking!

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