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Bigg Boss 7 - Salman Khan Loves The Devil Inside Him

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There will be two houses in Bigg Boss this season - Heaven and Hell! However, it is yet to be revealed who all will gain entry in these two houses. Anyways, what is clear is that Salman Khan will be hosting the seventh season of Bigg Boss and will be putting in more effort this time.

During the interview with the media, Salman Khan said that as a person, he is not too bad, nor too good! This means that he doesn't find himself fitting neither in hell nor in heaven! Check out all that Salman Khan had to say about Bigg Boss 7 in the interview with Oneindia Reporter Sonika Mishra.

Tell us something about the starting of Bigg Boss. What is so special about the show?
I am not sure from where the team behind Colors got the idea from. The idea of locking a few people inside a house for a few months and recording every bit of their activity and showing it on TV, which is watched by thousands of people worldwide is a stupendous idea. The fights, likes and dislikes and their personal space is made public.

However, I won't deny that in the process, wrong and unjustifiable things also happen. People then wonder how such things are allowed to happen on Bigg Boss. But let me tell you...we don't do this deliberately.

Would you like to tell us something about the contestants of Bigg Boss 7?
If you watch Bigg Boss closely, you will realise that you can actually learn a lot from the contestants. Living with someone from morning to night, adjusting oneself to their behaviour and lifestyle... we get to learn all these from the contestants. In fact, they don't even have the option of ignoring someone if they don't like since they have very limited people to interact and share their feelings with.

In the last season, a lot of importance was given to family issues to avoid controversies. Will you be adopting any such strategy in this season as well?
In the previous season, there were lot of things that were wrong and hence we had to shift the show timings from 9 PM to 10.30 pm. In the last season, we gave more importance to family and made sure that nothing offensive is said or done so that the entire family can sit together and watch.

In Bigg Boss 7 too, we have tried our best to make sure that our viewers don't feel that we are showcasing something wrong at anytime during the course of the show.

What changes has been made in Bigg Boss 7 as compared to its previous seasons?
We have made many changes this time. I understand that I am the only person connecting the contestants with the outside world. I will concentrate more on this aspect this time. In the previous show, whenever something incorrect or offensive would happen on the show, people would message me and ask me why it happened. So I think as a host, I too have a responsibility towards the things that are happening on the show. So, now I know that I must understand this chemistry betweeen me and the contestants and play my part well.

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At what point do you feel that what's happening on Bigg Boss is wrong?

My mother watches Bigg Boss and whenever I feel that I can't watch the show along with her, I understand that even my viewers won't be comfortable to watch that with their family! My mom too enjoys the fights and bickerings in Bigg Boss as she finds it entertaining. However, when it crosses a certain limit, she feels bad.

You have never done any kissing scene in any of your movies. What is the reason behind that?

Yes, I have never done any kissing scene in any of my films. Well, what's the fun kissing on-screen? The fun lies in kissing offscreen!

We have seen both sides of Salman Khan - The devil and that of an angel. Which side of yours do you like the most?

I like the 'devil' in me as that's more fun. The angels have to go through a tough time and in fact, these angels are often sidelined. But as a person, I am neither too good nor I am too bad.

Do you think that people salute only the rising sun? Do you feel that people stop respecting you if your films are not doing well?

Yes, I do feel that people will love and respect me as long as my films are doing well. But, if my films starts flopping or I am unable to do films for some reason, then my career will end. Earlier, I use to walk up to people for work. But now at this point, I won't be in a position to do so.

Don't you feel that the contestants of Bigg Boss deliberately create controversies in the house to gain big offers and projects?

When I see something wrong that's happening on the show, I too wonder why they had to do that. However, when I watch the previous unedited episodes, I realise what had happened then. Anyways, we cannot show you all of that and you people feel that the Bigg Boss contestants are asked to behave in a particular manner. However, that's not the case. When they have to live with a few people in the same environment 24/7, they tend to get irritated and start behaving differently.

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