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Saraswatichandra: Kumud married to a rogue, while Saras is....

By: Girija Narayan
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In the show Saraswatichandra, the person Kumud is married turns out to be a rogue. Kumud realises this in the worst way possible.

After she gets married to an unknown person and is sent off to her sasural, the groom, Pramad, comes to the room drunk. Kumud is shocked to see this and recoils from him. He does not stop there, he takes her for a scary drive and threatens to harm her. He says that this is his true self and she has to get used to him. He also says he was forced into this marriage.

On the other side, Saras is found unconscious by Pramad's sister on the roadside and is brought into the same house Kumud is married off to. Kumud, however, feels his presence around her, but is not able to comprehend it.

Kumud is welcomed to the house the next day. She then gets acquainted to the members in the house. But she is yet to realise that her Saras is in the same house, in and out of consciousness. Meanwhile, Kumud gets another shock regarding her new husband. He is not only a drunkard, but is also a rogue.

We have to wait and watch how she deals with her new life with such a husband. Also, what happens when she sees Saras in the same house.

Saras Reaches Late, And Kumud Gets Married

Saras lands in India and makes his way to reach his love Kumud. But little does he know that Kumud is getting married off the same day.

Kumud Married Off To Prabhat

Kumud gets married off to Pramad while Saras is lying on the roadside injured and unconscious. She even passes by him, but though she senses his presence, she would not be able to do anything about it.

Pramad Is Forced Into This Marriage

Kumud is welcomed into her new house. Saras is also in the same house in and out of consciousness.

Pramad, who is now the husband of Kumud turns out to be not just a drunkard, but also a rogue. He takes her on a scary drive in the night and threatens to harm her. He tells her that he does not like her and never wanted to marry her. He says he was forced into this marriage.

Kumud's First Day At The In-laws

Kumud would get acquainted with everyone in the house. When she would pass by the room in which Saras is resting, she senses him, but would get distracted when she was about to see who it is.

She even comes to know that not only does her new husband drinks and scares her, he also has many other habits outside his marriage.

Saras Would Have Rejected Kumud

Saras would have rejected Kumud earlier because of some family dispute. Though Kumud would have asked him not to break her heart and insult her family by breaking the engagement, he would not have listened to her.

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