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Saraswatichandra: Saras Will Hurt Himself Every Time Kumud Gets Hurt!

By: Girija Narayan
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Saraswatichandra's Saras has declared to Kumud that he will hurt himself every time she lets Pramad hurt her. Saras has done this in the previous instances too. When Pramad hurt Kumud, Saras who blames himself for all the suffering she is going through, would hurt himself. It is the same with Kumud too, she too believes that Saras is the reason for all her sufferings and if he had not rejected her, she would not be in this condition.

Pramad, who wanted money so that he can drink, demands it from Kumud and knowing nobody is at the house to protect her, he attempts to hurt her as well. Saras, who has skipped to go with the family, interferes on time to prevent Pramad from hurting Kumud.

But Kumud would stop him from interfering in her personal issues. Pramad takes the money from Kumud and asks her to stay as a material at his house and give him money when ever he needs it. He would also create ruckus in the room and breaks some glass, from which Kumud gets hurt.

She then walks to a room and cries her eyes out and blames Saras for all her problems. Since she has no one to talk to regarding everything she is suffering, would start to write her feeling on a paper. She would blame Saras and says all this is the punishment for loving him.

Outside, Saras would be suffering for all the pain Kumud is suffering inside. He, as usual, would hurt himself for all this. He also goes on to tell Kumud that if she allows Pramad to hurt her in any way, she has to know that he would hurt himself each time she is suffering.

In The Same House

The fact that Saras is in the same house constantly reminds Kumud of how they had been before.

Though Saras is in the house for a good reason, to protect Kumud, she is hurting every time she is reminded of her past life.

Saras Interferes

Knowing nobody is in the house, Pramad tries to intimidate Kumud. Saras, however, would interfere and stop Pramad from harming her in any way.

Saras Hurts Everytime Kumud Does

Saras says to Kumud that every time she lets Pramad hurt her, he would hurt himself too.

Saras Has Hurt Himself Before

Saras has hurt himself before after he sees Kumud suffering because of him.

When Pramad hurts her, Saras goes and hurts himself physically, in order to feel the pain Kumud is suffering herself.

Saras, Kumud And Pramad

Pramad, when is insulted each time by his father takes it out on his wife, Kumud. Though everyone in the house is aware of his behaviour, no one other than Saras are trying to stop Pramad's behaviour.


While the family is getting closer to Saras, Kumud is moving farther from Saras.

Each time Pramad hurts Kumud, she is blaming Saras for what she is going through.

Saras, on the other hand, is suffering for what he has done to Kumud and because he thinks he is the reason for all her suffering.

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