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Sunny Leone Gets Inmates Fighting, While Sachin Calls Gauhar Controlling On Bigg Boss 7!

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Bigg Boss 7 had a special guest on the show, who not only gets boys drooling, but also happens to be an ex-contestants on the show, Sunny Leone. Sunny was on the show to promote her upcoming film with Sachin Joshi, Jackpot. Both Sunny and Sachin managed to get fights rolling during and after their stay in the house.

Sunny Leone entered the Bigg Boss house, clad in black and looking hot as ever. She had the men in the house, Armaan Kohli, Kushal Tandon and Ajaz Khan on their knees, literally. It was as if they had their dream come true, when they tried their best to impress the actress to go on a date with her.

During this, Andy, who was in the box outside, did not want to miss a chance to dance with the beautiful lady on the song 'Babuji zara dheere chalo', came out to shake a leg with her. Sunny was very impressed with Andy's dance, but since he and Sangram were not in the run to win a date with her had to pick Ajaz Khan as the winner.

Sunny and Ajaz managed to have a quite evening together, while the other two contestants Armaan and Kushal sulking with their "loved ones" in the house.

Sachin Joshi, who is the leading man next to Sunny Leone in Jackpot was also in the house. But with him starting to talk about what people are talking about Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon, Bigg Boss threw them out of the house immediately. Sachin said that Gauhar Khan is very controlling and that it is not a bad thing for women to have the keys (control) in their hands. He also said that Gauhar has two puppets in the house, which later upset Kushal a lot.

Meanwhile, the task continued with Sangram and Kamya, stubborn enough to not give up and come out of the task even after 40 hours inside the box. When the previous record was just 26 hours even in any Bigg Boss shows, including UK's Big Brother.

Let's wait and watch for how many hours Sangram and Kamya stay inside until when Bigg Boss declare the task's end.

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Sunny In The House

Sunny Leone enters the Bigg Boss house to become the other beautiful lady in the house.

Sunny On Couch

Sunny Leone was in the Bigg Boss house as she was a wildcard entry on the same show in season 5.

Andy Gave Up For Sunny

Andy, who was in the box for many hours, came out of the box dancing for the song, 'Baabuji zara dheere chalo'.

Armaan Tried His Hand

Armaan tried his hand to win a date with Sunny Leone.

Tanisha Sportive

Tanisha was enjoying Armaan trying to impress Sunny and failing miserably.

Kushal In Task

Kushal and Ajaz were fighting with each other to get Sunny Leone for themselves. It was interesting to see Kushal performing a task, when he has chosen to never until now.

Guys Fight

The guys in the house had good fun fighting with each other.

Sachin Starts Fire

Sachin Joshi, who was in the house for just few minutes, called Gauhar Khan a controlling woman and that she has two puppets Kushal and Ajaz in the house.

Sunny's Date

The inmates were lucky to get a chance to win a date with Sunny Leone.

Ajaz Wins

Ajaz Khan was the lucky chap to win a date with Sunny Leone.

Sangram And Kamya Stay

Kamya and Sangram continue to stay inside the box for more than 40 hours. We will have to see for how much longer they would stay inside.

Gauhar Upset Over Nihaal

Gauhar Khan was later upset about Sachin's comment and told Kushal that Sachin is a friend of her ex-boyfriend, Nihaal Pandya, who, by the way, was also Deepika Padukone's ex too.

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