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Beinethaa, Rangrasiya Mahasangam, May 31st: PaRud And Zaya Lives Cross Path (Pics)

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Beintehaa and Rangrasiya Mahasangam, 31st May written episode: Doctor says that Rudra’s hand will be cured within fifteen days. Rudra and Paro start for their native place. Rudra cannot understand Pro’s mood swings, why she is morose now and then!

Zain and Aaliya come back to Mumbai and decide to celebrate a day together. Aaliya and Paro meet in a Darga. Aaliya insists Paro into making a wish, as all wishes are fulfilled there.

When Paro is scared thinking that they will be late and Rudra will get angry, Aaliya assures her that everything will be fine. They go for the prayer. Rudra loses Paro and searches her madly. He shows her photograph to everyone from his phone. He meets Zain incidentally.

Zain meets Aaliya and sees Paro. Paro feels amused to know that Rudra has kept her photo in his phone. Soon Rudra meets her. She requests to make a wish in the Darga. She is perplexed regarding her decision of leaving Rudra!

The two couples pray and make wishes. Zain and Aaliya invite Rudra and Paro to spend a day with them and see Mumbai. They go to the sea and have fun. Zain takes them to their bungalow.

Suraiya rebukes Chand Biwi as she has not sent electrician to the bungalow, where the electric wirings have become too old. When Paro and Aaliya go to the kitchen to prepare food, they find a burnt smell.

They come out and discover fire, caused by short circuit. They desperately cry for help and calls out the names of their husbands. Zain and Rudra break the windows after brave efforts and rescue their wives. Find picture of the Mahasangam episode in the slider.

Zain And Aaliya

Zain and Aaliya would be on their way back home. When they stop at a Dargah.

Rudra And Paro On Their Way Back Home

Rudra and Paro would be on their way to the station to be on their way home. Paro would get upset thinking that she will have to leave Rudra very soon now that he is going to be fine.

Paro And Aaliya Cross Paths

When Aaliya finds Paro praying outside the Dargah. She would encourage her to go inside to pray.

Rudra Finds Paro Missing

Rudra would find Paro missing when she leaves to go inside the Dargah with Aaliya. Rudra would search for her using the picture of her in his phone.

Aalia And Paro Pray Together

Aaliya and Paro would pray together at the Dargah.

Zain Joins Aaliya

Zain would reach Aaliya to find her with Paro.

It Is Rudra's Paro

Zain would realise that it is her that Rudra was searching outside. He would inform Paro about the photo he was using to find her.

Rudra Finds Paro

Rudra would find Paro outside Durgah. Paro then would wish for a day with him in Mumbai.

Paro And Aaliya

Paro and Aaliya pray at the Dargah together.

Zain And Rudra Too

Zain and Rudra too would pray together at the Dargah.

Zain And Aaliya Invite PaRud

Zaina nd Aaliya would invite Paro and Rudra to joint hem at their beach house. Rudra would discover that Paro loves beach.

Zaya And PaRud

Zain and Aaliya and Rudra and Paro spend time together.

Fire At The House

When Aaliya and Paro enter the house to make dinner, the house catches fire.

Rudra And Zain Try To Get In

Rudra and Paro try to get inside the house to save Paro and Aaliya.

Safe Atlast

Rudra and Zain make their way inside to save their wives.

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