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Beintehaa: 21st May; Zain And Aaliya Determined To Express Themselves (Pics)

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Beintehaa 21st May written episode: Zubbu inspires Aaliya to say ‘I Love You’ to Zain. Aaliya tries it, but fumbles and makes a mess. She asks Zain whether Zubbu can stay with them for two-three days. Rizwan and Zain feel more jealous of Zubbu.

Rizwan gets an invitation from his friend, as he is celebrating his love proposal to his beloved. Zain and Rizwan become inspired. They think that this would be the greatest opportunity to express their love. They inform Aaliya and Aayat about the party.

Bobby meets Zubair and asks his whereabouts. When he asks what she is doing, Shazia comes and says that presently she is enjoying the family love, which was due for so many years and soon she will join the family business.

Aaliya comes in the middle of their conversation and takes Zubair to his room. Bobby tells Shazia that Aaliya’s closeness with Zubair looks odd. She forbids Shazia to mention anything to Suraiya. After Shazia leaves, Bobby utters that she will take this opportunity to malign and defame Aaliya.

In the evening Zain and Rizwan wait for their partners. Aayat and Aaliya appear with stunning party looks, being followed by Zubair and Bobby. Aaliya requests to take Zubair and Bobby with them. Zain wants to avoid it from his heart, but he cannot say ‘no’ finally.

While they are leaving, Zain and Rizwan think that this is the most precious evening of their lives. Zubair thinks that he is going to help Aaliya to express her love. Bobby thinks that she will spoil Aaliya’s happiness.

Aaliya Tries To Propose

Aaliya would try to propose to Zain. Though Zubair would be encouraging from behind, she would fail to do it.

Both Fail

Zain and Aaliya both realise they are not able to express their love to each other.

Zubair To Stay

Aaliya would get Zubair to stay over at their place for some time.

Zain Invites Aaliya For A Party

Zain would invite Aaliya for a friend's party.

Zubair Would Say Yes

Zubair would inform Zain that Aaliya would love to come and she too would later agree to go.

Zain Wait For Aaliya

Zain would be waiting for Aaliya to arrive.


Aaliya would arrive along with Zubair and Barkat.

Aaliya Invites Zubair

Aaliya would inform Zain that she invited Zubair for the party.

Zubair Invited Barkat

Zubair has intern invited Barkat for the party.

Zain Agrees

Zain agrees for them to come along and they leave for he party together. Zain and Aaliya would declare that this would be their last chance to express their love.

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