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Beintehaa: 26th May; Aaliya Leaves To Bhopal After Zain's Hurtful Words (Pics)

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Beintehaa 26th May written episode: Back at home, Zain bursts on Aaliya. His complaints against Zubbu become more prominent. It is clear that situation leads him to misunderstand everything. He takes it badly that Aaliya has shared the stories of their marriage with the boy.

Aaliya argues that Zubbu is their cousin, her aunt’s son and so, he is supposed to know everything. She notices that Zain is deriving dirty meaning of her friendship with Zubbu. He becomes unbearably rude.

In the morning, Zain discovers Aaliya’s message in his phone. She writes that she is leaving him alone, so that he can get some time to figure out the problems. Her presence will make him more unstable, thinks Aaliya. She behaves like a perfectly responsible wifey, saying that she will definitely come back, as she is attached to him with the bonding of Nikah.

There is no doubt that Zain becomes disturbed, but pretends being unaffected. On the other hand Aaliya keeps seeing Zain everywhere. Zubbu calls Aaliya and complains that she has not informed him before leaving Mumbai. Aaliya lies that there is no confrontation between Zain and her.

Zain listens to Zubbu’s conversation and thinks that Aaliya is having a nice time in Bhopal. He calls his friend and talks loudly. Aaliya hears that Zain is having party with friends. Zubbu is confused about their chemistry.

Shabana cannot take it easily that Aaliya has suddenly visited Bhopal alone. She calls Zain. What does she come to know ?

Zain - Zubbu

Zain would hurl words at Aaliya about her closeness with Zubain.

Aaliya Tries To Explain

Aaliya tries to explain to Zain that she did not inform much about themselves to Zubain. Since he is a close family he knows stuff naturally.

Personal Information

Zain accuses Aaliya of sharing their personal issues with a stranger.


Zain reminds Aaliya about the instance when she told Zubain that she at last has some one to share her feelings with.

Aaliya Decides To Leave

Aaliya after Zain's words decides to leave to Bhopal.

Zain Wakes Up To An Empty Room

Zain wakes up with an hangover to see that Aaliya is absent.

Zain Gets Aaliya's Message

Aaliya would have messaged Zain sayignt hat she is leaving to Bhopal for some time to give him the space he needs.

Zain Least Bothered

Zain would not care about Aaliya leaving. Sine she would have mentioned that she would return, he decides to not bother much.

Tries To Take A Pic Of His Happiness

Zain would in fact try to take a picture of himself happy. But it turns out, he does not look good in a selfie when hung over.

Zubain Gets Aaliya's Call

Aaliya would call Zubain and inform him that she has left to Bhopal. Zain would over hear him say that she is having a gala time.

Zain Called Her Parents

Zain would have called Aaliya's parents to inform them something. We will get to know in the upcoming episode what is it that he has informed them.

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