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Beintehaa Spoiler Alert: Zain Forced To Marry Aaliya!

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The brand new show on Colors, Beintehaa is ready with a new twist in the show. Zain (Harshad Arora) will be forced by his father Usman to marry Aaliya (Preetika Rao). Zain and Aaliya, both will disagree for the marriage, but will later be forced to tie the knot with each other.

Till now, it was seen that Zeeshan's family had put dowry demand in front of Aaliya's family and said that they would get this marriage done only when the demands are fulfilled. Aaliya gets furious and slaps Zeeshan and tells everyone that she cancels the marriage and will not marry such a selfish person.

Meanwhile, Zain enters Aaliya's room and is seen by Zeeshan's uncle who makes it an issue and says that there is a man in Aaliya's life. They all come to Aaliya's room and find out that both of them were hugging each other. A huge scene is created and Aaliya's father suffers heart attack.

Zain's father will console the family and after a long thinking process, he will decide that it is because of Zain, the family is suffering so much, so he should pay for it. He will order Zain to marry Aalia and will tell them to do it as soon as possible. Initially, Zain and Aaliya both will disagree, but just to save Aaliya's father's life, they will agree to it.

Zain will try his best to make Aaliya's life miserable as he does not prefer she being in his life. Here, the hatred amongst the two gears up and will create hurdles in their married life.

Zain And Aaliya

Zain and Aaliya will be forced to get married even though they are against it.

Zain's Father

Zain's father Usmaan will force him to get married to Aaliya which is not accepted by both of them.

Zain And Aaliya

Zeeshan's family catches hold of Aaliya hugging Zian in her room and they create a scene.

Aaliya Accused

Aaliya is accused by Zeeshan's family of having an affair with Zain as even earlier Zeeshan had seen them together at many places.

Aaliya's Father

Aaliya's father suffers heart attack as he could not see his daughter being insulted.

Aaliya's Life

Zain, after marriage, will try his best to make Aaliya's life hell as he does not want her in his life.

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