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Bigg Boss 8's Dimpy Provoked Preetam, Abused, Got Him Off Task! [PHOTOS]

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    Bigg Boss 8's Dimpy Mahajan provoked RJ Preetam enough to get him off the seat in Hijack task, which is back again for the current immunity task. After provoking him, Dimpy would go on to abuse him, which would break the ever funny Preetam's cool and make him walk out of the task in anger.

    Dimpy, who has been cornering Preetam quite often did the same during the task for immunity, the Hijack task. With Preetam ousting her out of the race, she had clear motive to make him lose his cool. Even from the beginning of the task, she was seen targeting Preetam by bringing up issues with him and poking him and so on.

    Preetam tried to remain cool even after repeated attempts from her. But when Dimpy abused him, he was seen losing it. He walked away from the chair and the task to confront her. But Upen and Ali were the ones who tried to keep them apart.

    Puneet Issar, was seen informing Dimpy that it was her fault the whole situation went out of control. Though Dimpy tried to justify herself by saying that she was just trying to do the task, she later agreed that it was her fault but she does not care.

    The next day, Preetam walked up to Dimpy and apologised for the whole thing and expressed his regret at hurting her accidentally. Puneet who was present during said again that it was her fault the whole scenario took place. Only after which she apologised to Preetam, reluctantly.

    With Dimpy and Preetam out of the race for Bigg Boss 8 immunity this week, Karishma Tanna and Gautam Gulati are still on their seats continuing the task. Latest spoilers show that Gautam might be the one to give up but let's wait and watch what exactly happens.

    Dimpy Provoking Preetam

    Dimpy would target Preetam as soon as the task started. She would taunt him and poke him repeatedly which would irritate Preetam a lot.

    Preetam Irritated

    Preetam would be seen irritated with Dimpy's antics and would try to stop her by holding her hand. Dimpy would try to create a scene with this issue as well. But no one except Upen would give her any heed.

    Preetam's Friends

    Praneet Bhatt would try to keep Preetam calm but with her continuing to provoke him, he would eventually lose his cool.

    Dimpy Continued To Taunt Preetam

    Dimpy continued to taunt Preetam for a long time. Preetam would try to keep his cool by ignoring her but the whole issue took a snowball turn when Ali and Upen got involved.

    Dimpy Caused The Issue

    The Dimpy issue goes wrong when Ali tried to stop her and Upen intervened. Upen would hold Ali to stop him and when trying to avoid him Ali would end up hurting Upen. This would cause a major fight between them which Preetam credits Dimpy for causing it.

    Dimpy - Upen

    Dimpy would be seen crying on Upen's shoulders over the whole Preetam issue. She would blame the entire thing on Preetam and gets extremely angry when he says she caused the fight.

    Dimpy Abused Preetam

    When Preetam said she caused the fight, Dimpy would walk up to him and abuse him. Though calm in the beginning, Preetam loses his cool when she abused him repeatedly.

    Preetam Lost Cool

    Preetam would be seen trying his best to stay calm. He would even declare that she is right to avoid confrontation. But she would continue to abuse him and he will be seen getting angry.

    Preetam Walked Out

    Preetam would be seen walking out of the task and even trying to confront her in his angry state. But Upen and Ali would stop him. He would then walk to the wash room to cool off.

    Puneet Blamed Dimpy

    Puneet will be seen blaming Dimpy for the whole thing. He would inform her that he had asked her to not provoke Preetam and she still went on to do it. And he also mentions that she was the only one abusing.

    Dimpy Taken Aback

    Dimpy would try to justify herself in the beginning. But when Puneet makes a valid point of her being the cause of it and even abusing, she would declare that she does not care any more.

    Preetam Apologised

    The next day Preetam walked up to Dimpy and apologised for his mistake. He would express regret at having hurt her when he was angry.

    Puneet Accused Dimpy

    Puneet still accused Dimpy for having started the whole thing. He would tell her and him that she was at fault for abusing him and provoking him.

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