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Bigg Boss 8: Gautam Gulati Punished Praneet Bhatt Twice For Smoking!

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Bigg Boss 8's latest task has brought Gautam Gulati and Praneet Bhatt in a crossfire. Praneet who has been having issues with Gautam had a tough time digesting Gautam's power during the task.

Gautam caught Praneet smoking when he had denied everyone the luxury under his rule. As a punishment, Praneet was made to swim in the middle of the night. Later, Praneet was forced to make flavoured milk for Gautam, and even after trying to bring the ration issue, Prannet could not win against "His Highness".

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Soon after, Gautam again caught Praneet smoking in the kitchen, for which he was made to run around the garden as a punishment. Following this, the next morning, Gautam yet again, cornered Praneet to clean the garden. Which he denied initially but had to comply later on.

Praneet did get a chance to take revenge on Gautam through Bigg Boss's task. Praneet was instructed to begin a revolution against Gautam and to conspire with the contestants to bring down his empire.

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Gautam who realised this was seen crying and shouting at him for doing this to his, a friend who has always cared for him.

It is quite clear that Gautam and his volatile behaviour got to Praneet a while back and the later has lost all his patience when Gautam is in the picture. Now, with Bigg Boss house turning into Gautam City and captain Gautam has the ultimate power over every contestant, Praneet's life is made a living hell.

Gautam Caught Praneet

Gautam caught Praneet smoking despite his rule of no smoking.

Praneet Punished

Praneet was punished and was made to swim in the middle of the night.

Milk Issue

Gautam wanted milk and Praneet denied him stating ration. He had to comply later when Gautam patiently convinced him.

Smoked In Kitched

Praneet smoked in kitchen and Gautam caught him.

Gautam Punished Praneet Again

Gautam punished Praneet for smoking in kitchen.


Though Praneet denied initially, Gautam had to prove it was him who smoked.

Praneet's Issue

Praneet had serious issue accepting Gautam's orders.

Run Around The Garden

Praneet was made to run around the garden as punishment.

Next Morning

Next morning Gautam asked Praneet to clean the garden.

Praneet Refused

Praneet refused but later had to comply.

Praneet's Revenge

Bigg Boss gave Praneet a chance for revenge.

Plot Against Gautam

Praneet had to plot with the rest of the contestants against Gautam.

Gautam Blamed Praneet

When the house started to revolt, Gautam blamed Praneet for all this and was also seen crying.

Praneet's Major Issue

Praneet's major issue was to accept Gautam's power over him.

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