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      Bigg Boss 8's Gautam Gulati Worried Sonali Raut Might Get Serious!

      By Girija Narayan

      Bigg Boss 8's latest love birds, Gautam Gulati and Sonali Raut, are having doubts now. Even though the couple have been openly romancing each other in the Bogg Boss house, they seem to have not though about how and where things will end.

      Gautam recently told in Sonali's ears that he likes her. Sonali tried her best to escape giving an answer but Gautam's persistence made her say that she needs time to think about it. Even after all this, when RJ Preetam and Puneet Issar teased them of being girlfriend and boyfriend, the couple were seen turning red.

      Gautam later requested Preetam to not get him in such difficult situations where he can get caught in things he cannot escape from. When Preetam said he is not asking him to get married, Gautam expressed his worry about Sonali getting serious with him, while he is not.

      Sonali too, was seen having doubts about her behaviour when captain Ali Quli Mirza gave her some gyan about being careful about her behaviour in the house since her family will be watching. He even explained to her that sleeping in a same bed with a guy might not be something her family would be happy about.

      Gautam and Sonali are currently seen spending maximum time with each other and were even seen romancing each other during Bigg Boss 8's Diwali fashion show.

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