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Bigg Boss 8 Sneak Peek: Gautam Meets His Mother; Sonali Wastes Upen's Battery! (Photos)

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Bigg Boss 8's upcoming episode will have the luxury budget task, The App Task, giving Gautam Gulati a chance to meet his mother, Praneet Bhatt a chance for a date with his girlfriend. While Praneet refuses, Gautam accepts the chance to see his mother.

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The latest luxury budget task has Bigg Boss giving the contestants a chance to use apps which would cost Upen Patel and Renee Dhyani's batteries. The task is for them to choose the apps depending on the amount of battery it consumes and making sure it does not come down to 0.

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While Praneet refuses any of the apps, which also included a chance to have a date with his girlfriend, Sonali chose to waste a lot of battery accepting not so important apps repeatedly and Dimpy Mahajan chooses to get some gossip from the contestants about her. The best came to Gautam when he had a chance to meet his mother. An emotional Gautam could not let go a chance to meet his mother after two months to have an emotional reunion with her in the confession room.

Bigg Boss 8's App task closes day 1 with mixed emotions among the contestants, day 2 awaits more surprises for the contestants. Let's wait and watch what more happens on the controversial reality show.

Gautam Meets His Mother

Gautam Gulati gets to meet his mother after two whole months. He would first burst into tears soon after seeing his mother and then settle down to have a heartfelt chat with her for a long time.

Sonali Raut's Choice

Sonali Raut chooses to pick an app, the post man, which gets her messages that she wants to know. The app would take up a lot of battery and while Upen and Renee would be shocked to see half the battery gone, Sonali showed no remorse.

Dimpy Gets Her Gossips

Dimpy chooses to get some spicy gossips about her from the contestants. She picks an app that would get her some gossip that would help her understand her friends better. She would be shocked to see Gautam call her Ali's girlfriend.

Praneet Bhatt

Praneet Bhatt would choose to not pick any app though he would be given a chance to have a date with his girlfriend. Praneet would clearly declare that he would not use any battery.

Gautam's Choice

Gautam Gulati gets presented with the most difficult choice, if he would want to meet his mother. After getting a glimps of her in the confession room, Gautam would not be able to stop himself from meeting her.

Mother Says Hi

Gautam sees his mother in the confession room saying hi to him and Gautam would request Bigg Boss to get him a glimps of his mother for real. And when Bgig Boss costs him battery for it, Gautam would not think twice.

Gautam Cried

After getting the initial shock of seeing his mother, Gautam starts to cry profusely seeing her in the confession room. Gautam has been mentioning that he has been missing his mother off late.

Gautam Hugs His Mother

Gautam would run to his mother in the confession room and hugs her fiercely and starts to cry loudly. His mother would try to console her son and only after a long time does he calm down.

Long Separation

While the housemates can only assume what is going on with Gautam, he engages in a long-overdue conversation with his mother who he is meeting for the first time since he entered the Bigg Boss house 9 long weeks ago.

Best Gift

Gautam, in fact, even states that the gift of meeting his mother goes beyond every negative experience that he has had in the house till date.

Ali's New Issue

Ali decides to start an issue with Dimpy by accusing her of stealing his doll. When Dimpy refuses to acknowledge him, he would start trying to provoke her saying lots of things.

Dimpy Attacks Others

Dimpy accuses the others who would laugh during this and would declares that they are laughing at a lady being harassed by someone like Ali.

Everyone Calm Dimpy

Everyone then come to Dimpy to calm her down saying that they were not laughing at her but where laughing at Ali since they thought he was funny at that point of time.

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