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Bigg Boss 8 Sneak Peek: Upen Turns Bad Boy, Dual-Nominations Cause Chaos! [PHOTOS]

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    Bigg Boss 8's next episode will have Upen Patel turning a bad boy to spite captain Dimpy Mahajan and Gautam Gulati. Also, the latest nominations will have two contestants paired for the process, which clearly does not turn out as planned.

    Clearly, Diandra Soares getting eliminated has not gone down well with the London lad as he was in a rebellious mood making everyone, especially captain Dimpy's life difficult. He would be seen trying to rebel against anything the current captain was trying to do. He would shout out announcing he needs a different captain and so on.

    Later the day Upen will be seen trying to instigate a fight with Gautam as well. When Gautam tries to start his weights. Upen tries to grab the weights and would be seen imitating Gautam's behaviour where he tries to hug the other person even when they are angry. Gautam would try to understand Upen and says that he too is disturbed with Diandra's leaving but Upen would not stop trying to instigate a fight with him.

    On the other hand, Dimpy's captaincy will be made more difficult with Karishma Tanna and Puneet Issar refusing to work together or anywhere around each other. Meanwhile, the ever fun chap, Ali Quli Mirza too is not in a mood for any fun. When Sonali Raut asked him repeatedly about stealing from her drawer, he would be seen loosing his cool and throwing kitchen utensils including knives at her.

    Finally, when the Bigg Boss 8 day could not have been any more hectiv, the nomination process starts with contestants in pairs. Karishma-Puneet, Gautam-Upen, Ali-Praneet Bhatt and Sonali-RJ Preetam would be paired and they have to decide on one contestant they want to nominate together. Though Sonaoi and Preetam manage to do it without must difficulty, Upen-Gautam, Puneet and Karishma and even Ali and Praneet too will have strong difference of opinion, resulting in major disputes among themselves.

    Bigg Boss 8's Shocking Changes

    Bigg Boss 8's upcoming episode will have Upen Patel turning into a bad boy making captain Dimpy Mahajan's life miserable. He would also try to instigate Gautam to fight with him.

    Upen Turns Bad

    Upen Patel wakes up to be a bad boy and no longer the fine lad he has been until now. He would start causing issues in the house and would try his best to resist Dimpy's captaincy.

    Dimpy - Captacin

    Dimpy would find it difficult to understand Upen and would declare that she is not his captain since he did not vote for her and also because he told her that he does not accept her as his captain.

    Upen Shouts

    Upen will then decide to make a lot of noise by shouting out asking for a different captain, anyone other than Dimpy. He would ask for Preetam or Ali to become the captain.

    Puneet Troubles

    Puneet too makes captain Dimpy's life miserable. He would declare to Dimpy that he would not work with Karishma in the kitchen. He would either ask her to change his work or let him work after Karishma.

    Karishma Resists Too

    Karishma Tanna too would declare to Dimpy that she does not want to work next to Puneet and that she is also not happy with the allotment of work to her.

    Upen Fights With Gautam

    Upen would also try to instigate fights with Gautam Gulati. He would corner him when he plans to do his weights. Upen would try to take the weights from Gautam and would even hug and talk in a way that would anger someone.

    Sonali Accuses Ali

    Sonali would ask contestants if anyone has been taking stuff from her drawer. When Praneet declares he hasn't she would blame Ali for it. Ali declares that he hasn't touched her stuff.

    Ali Angry

    When Sonali continues to assuse Ali, he would loose his cool and starts throwing stuff in the kitchen including knives. He would start a huge fight for being accuses repeatedly.


    Bigg Boss announces the next nominations but with an interesting twist. The contestants will be paired and they have to decide and give a name in unison.

    Ali And Praneet

    While Sonali and Preetam would not find it very difficult, Ali and Praneet find it difficult to have civil conversation with each other thanks to Ali.

    Gautam And Upen

    Gautam and Upen would be paired and with the recent fights they have been having between each other, Upen would pounce on Gautam, fights and walks out of the confession room refusing to take part in the nomination process.

    Puneet And Karishma

    It would be hilarious when Bigg Boss pairs Karishma and Puneet to decide on a name. The two would accept first hand that they are poles apart and that they cannot come to a conclusion anyways.

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