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BiggBoss 8 Sneak Peek: Yes Or Not Tasks; Violent Upen Threatens Gautam! [PHOTOS]

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    Bigg Boss 8's Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na task will have contestants exchanging tasks between teams. Upen Patel, Gautam Gulati and Praneet Bhatt and Ali Quli Mirza have major fights with each other as everyone has started losing their patience with each other.

    The task will have the house divided into two teams. 1st team included participants- Praneet, Sonali, Puneet and Upen whereas the other team included - Gautam, Ali, Pritam and Dimpy Mahajan. At a time one team could give orders to the opposite team and obeying the orders the other team had to listen to their ‘Hukumat', by the use of given props in different varieties sent by Big Boss. As per the rules there was a score board in the garden area  with a YES & NO. Now, if the opposite team felt they could do the task/dare given by the first team, they could score 1 point below the YES as opposed to if the second team refused to do the task given by the first team or felt they couldn't do it would give 1 point to the NO which was for the Hukumat team. 

    Karishma was assigned to supervise both the teams because of the special right given by Diandra Soares which would help her in future levels of Luxury budget task.

    Also, the pressure on each of the contestants on the show seems to have reached a point where all the contestants are starting to lose their patience along with their minds. Upen, who was considered the most level headed contestant is the first one to lose his mind. He was seen trying to instigate fights with Gautam and threatening to hurt his face and kill him, disobey captain Dimpy Mahajan and refusing to participate in any task and so on and even deciding to go bald for the task.

    Ever cool and forgiving Praneet too was seen fighting violently with Ali over a minor issue. Ali would perform in a task but would not complete it perfectly, Praneet who was not happy with his performance demanded he not get a point for it. This starts a major face off between the two who clearly had issues before this.

    Bigg Boss 8's tonight episode is sure going to have a lot of screaming and fighting which would require the viewers to reduce their volumes.

    Bigg Boss 8 Sneak Peek

    Bigg Boss 8 next episode will have the contestants going head on with the latest task. Also, there will be a number of loud fights among themselves.

    Yes Or No Task

    The contestants will be divided into two teams of four contestants each. While Ali, Gautam, Preetam and Dimpy made one group, Puneet, Upen, Sonali and Praneet formed the next.

    Started Fun

    The task will start off on a fun note. The contestants will be asked to try hoola-hoop, Preetam, Ali and Gautam fail at it miserably.

    Go Underwater

    Ali and Preetam will be asked to go under water and walk a whole lap. Though they would be given assistance for breathing. Preetam would fail in just one lap.

    Eat Bitter Gourd

    Ali and Dimpy will be asked to eat bitter gourd. Both give it their best effort. It was impressive to see Dimpy finish it without much hassle.

    Raw Eggs

    Gautam will be asked to drink up raw egg within a limited amount of time. The well-built actor did not hesitate for a second to take up the task and complete without any effort.

    Chilli Concoction

    Dimpy Mahjan will be asked to drink a whole bowl of chilli concoction. The actress agreed and managed to finish it successfully.

    Eat Off Ali

    The next will be for Gautam Gulati to eat chocolate cake off Ali Quli Mirza's face. The two guys would be scandalised hearing this but would be sporty in agreeing it.

    Gautam Refused

    After the cake was applied on Ali Quli Mirza's face, however, Gautam Gulati informed Bigg Boss on camera that though he contemplated eating the chocolate cake, he would give it a pass since he cannot eat it off Ali's face.

    Upen To Shave Head

    Upen Patel will again be challenged to shave off his head. Though he has refused to do it a number of times, this time he seems to agree.

    Ali's Push-Ups

    Ali Quli Mirza will be asked to try push-ups. He would manage to finish it, not exactly like Upen though. Though Karishma gives him a point, Praneet Bhatt would disagree and demand to deduct it.

    Ali - Praneet

    This is when Ali and Praneet have a major face off. They would get extremely violent and other contestants would intervene to stop them from physically hurting each other.

    Gautam Vs Upen

    Earlier the day, Upen and Gautam would have had a face off session. Gautam would demand to know what it was they were talking about it. Upen choses to continue the task.

    Upen Fight Gautam

    Upen would back Gautam to the living area and threaten to hurt his face and even kill him. Ali, Puneet and others try hard to keep them apart.

    Gautam Scared?

    Gautam would be seen scared about Upen hurting his face and would ask Bigg Boss to make sure it does not happen. He also would cry asking to leave the house.

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