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Bollywood Families Who Should Try Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma

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There have been many celebrities on Kapil Sharma's popular comedy show Comedy Nights With Kapil entertaining as well as getting entertained. What would take the fun quotient up a notch is to have famous Bollywood families together on the show. For all we know they could give the Comedy Nights' family a tough competition.

Recently, world famous cricket Kapil Dev was on the comedy show. Though he was alone on the stage, his wife and daughter were among the audiences. The family shared some of their secrets and fun times on the show, which made Comedy Nights With Kapil episode extra special.

If this can be repeated with the Bollywood families, the number of secrets and embarrassing situations that can get revealed can most entertaining. Though it is not the first show to have these families, it will most definitely be the first comedy show to have them.

Popular Bollywood families like, the Khans, the Kapoors and the others including, Shahruh Khan's, Salman Khan's, Saif Ali Khan's, Aamir Khan's, Hrithik Roshan's, the entire Kapoor family, Madhuri Dixit's, Deepika Padukone's, Katrina Kaif's and not to forget the Bollywood's royal family, the Bachchans can give the Comedy Nights With Kapil family which includes, Bittu, Mrs Bittu, Bua, Dadi, Raju and Palak, a tough competition by revealing some embarrassing facts which any family would have.

Bollywood Families On CNWK

Though it is not the first show to have these families, it will most definitely be the first comedy show to have them.

Bollywood Royalty

Bollywood's royal family, the Bachchans have been on very few shows together as a family. Them on the show would take the comedy show to a new level altogether.

The Kapoors On CNWK

Comedy Nights With Kapil will need a bigger set for sure to incorporate this family.

The Nenes On CNWK

Madhuri Dixit Nene and her family can teach a lesson or two to the Comedy Nights' family.

The Being Human Family

If Salman Khan's family is anything like him, they are sure going to roll on the floor laughing their lungs out. Will the set have enough floor?

The Khans On CNWK

King Khan and hhis family have never been on a show together. It will be interesting to know them.

Tanuja With Daughter On CNWK

Kajol is said to have pretty good sense of humour, it will be interesting to see her mother and sister's as well.

Kapil Might Go Nuts

If Katrina Kaif would grace the show with her entire family, Kapil Sharma will have a day he will never forget.

Saifeena On CNWK

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan on Comedy Nights With Kapil.

Famous Kapoors

The most famous Kapoors of the current times, Ranbir, Kareena along with their sister Karisma Kapoor will have loads to talk about on the show.

The Other Kapoors

Though Ekta, Tushhar and Jeetendra have been on the show separately, it will be fun to watch them interact on the comedy show.

Fun Time

It will be fun to see Hrithik Roshan with his sons on the comedy show.

The Padukones

Deepika Padukone with her family will sure be one of the fittest families on the show, most definitely.

Sridevi And Family

Though Sridevi and Bony Kapoor have been on many shows together, them with their two beautiful daughters will be an interesting watch.

The Devgans

Kajol and Ajay Devgan along with their children together are a rare sight. It will be interesting to watch Ajay with his children on the show.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Silpa Shetty with her family on Comedy Nights With Kapil.

Bollywood Family

Well, when we can have all these families, there is no reason to not have the epic Bollywood family.

Not Bollywood

Not Bollywood at all, but it will sure be an unforgettable episode.

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