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Fanaah Episode 4: Preet Has Super Powers Or Is Devil?

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MTV Fanaah's episode 4 had Vivaan getting dragged to the villa by his sister. Vivann who had not yet informed about everything that was happening to his friend informed him all about what he saw and did in the villa.

At the villa, Preet would try and talk Dhaara into doing what they had planned. She would brush her hair unitl it hurts and gets her prepared for the next day.

Vivaan, when reaches the villa is taken to Preet, she would ask him if he likes Dhaara and he agrees he does and to do anything for her. Preet watches as Vivaan and Dhaara spend time together. She would notice that he made her laugh this soon.

Anshuman, the vampire who is hiding in Vivaan's plantation would kill the goat his sister had with her. Without having drunk any blood, he would not be able to fend for himself and leave the plantation.

At the villa, Preet would instruct Dhaara that she has to think with her brain and not her heart as it would betray them. She would walk in air, like the way she had climbed the steps behind Vivan without her feet touching the stairs.

She would force Dhaara to concentrate and do what she did but Dhaara would fail to do it and would almost fall but Preet would catch her in time.

Vivaan Tells His Friend

Vivaan would tell his friend about what he has been doing off late.

Dhaara And Preet

Preet would brush Dhaara's hair so much that it hurts her.

Vivaan's Sister

When Vivaan tells his sister that he will return home early. she would insist he stay there for long.

Preet With Vivaan

Preet would ask Vivaan if he likes Dhaara. He says yes and that he would do anything for her.

Preet Climbs Steps

Preet would climb the steps with her feet in the air.

Vivaan And Dhaara

Vivaan and Dhaara would spend time together and Dhaara would seem happy with Vivaan.


Anshuman would kill Vivaan's goat and drinks it's blood.

Preet Scares Dhaara

Preet would cross the balconies by walking in the air.

Dhaara Shocked

Dhaara would be shocked to see Preet.

Preet Has Super Powers?

Whether Preet has super powers or she is a devil, he will have to wait and watch.

Preet Asks Dhaara TO Do It

Preet would force Dhaara to do the same.

Dhaara Falls

Dhaara would fall but Preet would catch her.

Preet Saves Dhaara

Preet catches Dhaara in the nick of time and stops her from falling.

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