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Gauhar And Kushal Bitched About Me: Ajaz Khan, Post Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 Elimination

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Post his exit from the show, Khatron Ke Khiladi 5, Ajaz Khan claims that Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon had bitched about him to the other contestants before he entered the show.

Ajaz Khan, who entered the show as a wild card entry was said to have had trouble mingling with the other contestants. It was said that Ajaz was alienated and was not invited to be a part of their group-outings post the shooting of Khatron Ke Khiladi 5.

Talking about this a leading website quoted Ajaz saying, "Before I went to South Africa, Gauhar and Kushal had bitched about me to the other contestants. So the contestant looked at me with contempt. After they got to know me, they started talking to me properly."

When asked if it was true that Gauhar threatened to quit the show if he entered, he said, "It was Kushal's statement not Gauhar's. She is a brave and intelligent girl. She could have won Bigg Boss 7, but Kushal diverted her."

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It is known to everyone that during the days of Bigg Boss 7, Gauhar and Kushal had issues with Ajaz and his flirtish behaviour. In fact Kushal had asked Gauhar to not talk to him during the controvercial reality show, but when the show ended they thought they were over with the issue.
When Ajaz ented Khatron Ke Khiladi as well, the issues re-emerged to the surface yet again.

Throughout the show, Gauhar was never seen interacting with Ajaz nor he with her. Kushal, on the other hand, left the show due to injury just before Ajaz entered the show, thus preventing any major issues.

Ajaz - Loud Mouth

Ajaz Khan's way of speaking seemed to have been the biggest turn off with the other contestants.

Ajaz's Final Stunt

Ajaz Khan failed at his final stunt where he had to sleep with thousands of cockroaches.

Ajaz Always The Outsider

Ajaz has always remained an outsider. Except for Deana, there hasn't been anybody interacting with him.

Group Outings

Ajaz is seen absent in any of the contestants' group outings.

Ajaz's Exit

Ajaz got eliminated last week from the show, failing against Deana.

Deana Accepted

If it was the "outsider" factor, Deana entered the show mid way as well. She was accepted but not Ajaz.

Kushal And Gauhar The Reason

Kushal and Gauhar are said to be the reason for the misunderstanding everyone had regarding Ajaz, he says.

No Ajaz Again

Even in this image, Ajaz has been excluded.

Kushal Left Just Before Ajaz Entered

Kushal left the show just before Ajaz entered the show as a wild card entry.

Kushal, Gauhar Bitched About Him?

Ajaz claims Kushal and Gauhar had bitched about him before he entered the show.

Ajaz's Exit

Kushal and Gauhar's presence has always been the reason why Ajaz was not invited.

Ajaz Gave A Tough Fight

Ajaz did give a tough fight at all the stunts he performed.

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