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Here's How Gauhar Khan Got Eliminated From Khatron Ke Khiladi 5

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Gauhar Khan, the hot favourite actress and winner of Bigg Boss 7 got eliminated from the stunt-based reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 5. Gauhar managed to perform some of the most difficult stunts on the show but failed at surviving another week on the show.

The final stunt that got the beautiful actress exit the show involved both her weeknesses, water and height. Gauhar lost the challange when she was asked to separate the torches while standing in a suspended glass box above a flowing river, with continuous shower of ice!

Previously, Gauhar failed to perform well in her previous stunts, which involved her to grab as many flags as possible while moving on a one-feet platform inbetween two ten-storied buildings (See photo slider to understand better). She also failed at the Ostrich stunt, where she stayed on the bird for the least amount of time.

Gauhar Khan, who has been one of the most popular celebrity on Khatron Ke...5, contested along with her boyfriend and co-contestant from Bigg Boss 7, Kushal Tandon. Kushal exited the show due to the shoulder injury a few weeks back but stayed with Gauhar off the show, giving her moral support.

Here are the photos of her last few stunts that got her enter elimination round and then eliminated from the show, Khatron Ke Khiladi 5.

Ostrich Stunt

Here is the Ostrich stunt that sent her into elimination round. Gauhar stayed on the bird for the least amount of time.

Gauhar's Fear

Gauhar failed to conquer her fear of heights during this stunt. She failed at it too.

Kushal Encouraged Her

Gauhar, initially backed off from the stunt, but with Kushal and other's encouragement she gave the stunt a try.

Gauhar's Last Stunt

In her last stunt Gauhar Khan's managed to separate 63 sticks but yet failed to beat her competitors.

Gauhar In Bad Pain

Gauhar Khan was in extreme pain after finishing the stunt. She had extreme pain in her hands and legs.

Gauhar Faced Final Elimiantion

Gauhar had to face her final elimination against Geeta Tandon.

Rohit Fools Gauhar

Rohit made Gauhar believe that it is a stunt to feed the Ostriches by placing the feed in her mouth.

Gauhar's Previous Stunt

Gauhar in the previous week failed to stay on the rotating platform.

Gauhar With Scorpions

Gauhar at one of the stunts had to have scorpions on her face.

Gauhar Baba

Gauhar Khan became a stunt predicting baba on the show.

Gauhar Kushal Stunt Together

Gauhar and Kushal had to perform in a stunt together where Gauhar had to sleep with cockroaches while Kushal collected flags to free her.

Gauhar's Expressions

Ranvir Shorey managed to imitate Gauhar's reactions.

Kushal's Exit

Kushal had to exit the show due to his shoulder injury.

Everyone At Her Feet

Gauhar Khan had captured all the other contestants with her beauty and stunt predicting talent.

Kushal's Support

Kushal had been at her side each time she needed support.

Kushal's Final Stunt

In Kushal's final stunt, he had to compete with Gauhar Khan.

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