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I Won't Feel Bad If Madhubala Goes Off Air: Vivian Dsena

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon's RK/Raju, Vivian Dsena, is currently blamed for Gunjan Utreja's exit, says that he won't mind if Madhubala goes off air. He says he has reached a saturation point.

Vivian Dsena has been at the center of many issues pertaining to the Colors TV's show, Madhubala. He refused to play a father and left the show. Then the show took a leap and got Gunjan Utreja to play the lead character. Then Vivian had to return to the show due to bad ratings, as a mentally retarded. Then there were issues, apparently, between the two male protagonists. Now with Gunjan exiting the show, the blame has gone to Vivian again.

The recent rumours that are doing rounds say that Gunjan's character will be killed very soon and the show ill come to an end in the month of May. There hasn't been any official confirmation on this report, however.

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Talking about this Vivian said, "According to people and a lot of reporters, Madhubala was to go off air four times earlier. I think now I have reached a saturation point where if it actually goes off air, I won't feel that bad. Initially, when Madhubala began and it had been running for one-and-a-half months, people said it's going off air. Six months later, there were again reports that the show is going off air. We got to know that that wasn't true. This is the fifth time that people are saying this. These things don't affect me"

"I am supposed to do my job and I have to keep my creative team happy with my performance. Nothing in the world is indispensable. Every good thing, whether on screen or off screen, has to end. You have to take it in your stride. You cannot think that my show will never go off air. I have done three shows before this and they have also gone off air," he added.

It almost sounds like Vivian has come to peace with the inevitable. Whats left is Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon to end so the fans can move on as well.

Vivian Dsena Has Reached Saturation

Vivian Dsena apparently has reached a saturation point regarding the show going off air or not.


The previous version of Madhubala too had often been rumoured to be going off air.

Raju And Madhu

Raju and Madhu's characters has not been a hot favourite like it was with RK and Madhu.

Drashti's Magic

Looks like Drashi's magic has not worked this time.

Gunjan's Escape

Gunjan blaming the change in the story has exited the show.

Will Show Got Off Air?

Only time will tell if the show is going to go off air or not.

Vivian At Peace

Whether the show goes off air or not Vivian seems to be at peace.

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