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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman Really Thinking Of Leaving Ishita?

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's sweathearts Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) are currently going through a rough patch where Ishita is suffering the consequences of being Raman's wife and Raman is feeling extremely guilty over this fact. He is feeling so dejected to be putting Ishita through so much pain that he is considering leaving her for her own good.

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Raman's past has been the biggest problem in his life and since he is Ishita's life, she is taking the major part of the brunt. Be it Shagun, Ashok, Param, Suraj or Aditya, everyone seem to attack Ishita to hurt Raman. Each time she gets hurt she stands for him and his family without even complaining.

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The latest attack on Ishita in Ashok's bachelor party would shake Raman so much that he starts to consider moving away from Ishita to keep her away from all the suffering that his past life. Ishita, on the other hand, is taking it positively because it has opened Simmi's eyes to Param's real face.

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Raman would even over hear Mani and Ishita talk in the hospital, where he says that Ishita is getting only pain and suffering from this relationship and nothing more. This with Madhavi's words about a woman deserving some happiness after all the sacrifices she does for her family, makes Raman think about leaving Ishita so she can find happiness.

Will Raman really consider moving away from Ishita? Will Ishita allow this to happen now that she has realises she loves him and he too loves her? Will Ishita confess her love in time to save her relationship with Raman? Let's wait and watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to see what happens.

Raman Thinks About Ishita

Raman keeps thinking about all the pain he has put through Ishita after their marriage and feels extremely guilty.

Mani Accuses Raman

Mani blames Raman for all the troubles Ishita is going through in her life.

Ishita Defends Raman

Ishita defends her husband Raman and her family she is married to.

Raman Overhears

Raman overhears Ishita and Mani's conversation.

Feels Extremely Bad

Raman feels extremely hurt listening to them and walks off feeling horrible.

Ishita Stands Up For Her Husband

Ishita stands up for her husband and declares that he will make sure she has a complete family with Adi and Ruhi.

Ishita Warns Mani

Ishita says she loves Mani as a friend but declares he can never speak bad about Raman with her.

Mani Asks Her Confess Love

Mani asks Ishita to confess her love to Raman.

Raman Thinks

Raman keeps thinking about their words and feels extremely guilty.

Madhavi's Words

Madhavi would have told Raman that a lady deserves some love after all the sacrifices she does for her family.

Raman's Past

Raman thinks how much his past has hurt Ishita.

Considers Leaving Ishita

Raman considers leaving Ishita to keep her away from all the pain.

Raman Meets Ishita

When Raman meets Ishita, she would tell him that she will attend Shagun's wedding along with her husband.

Raman's Guilt

Will Raman's guilt push him to leave Ishita? Let's wait and watch.

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