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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2: 20th May; Jyoti's Life In Danger: Anjali Responsible?

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2, 20th May written episode: Shlok and Astha enjoy the hangover of their romance. Sita, the maid laughs at Shlok seeing Astha's earing stuck to his shirt. Shlok promises to keep Astha happy forever. He wishes having a day out with her. Astha suggests that the day out should be in her style. She proposes travelling in public vehicles. They travel by auto and have a lot of fun. Astha insists on having roadside tea. Though Shlok does not like it at first, he starts enjoying things as he has fallen in love with Astha!

Niranjan sees Anjali giving fruits to Jyoti. He drops hot tea on her hand as a punishment and stops beating her as he hears the footsteps of Varad. He leaves Guruji's place before Anjali as he has to attend a meeting. He reminds her to make Jyoti sign the papers, to release Abhay from jail.

On their way back home, Anjali gives the papers to Jyoti and tells her to cooperate. When Jyoti denies doing it, Anjali says that she cannot live the life without her husband. The society will blame her for everything and refer her as ‘a woman left by a man'.

As the car reaches home and Jyoti gets down, Anjali tells her that she will not allow her to enter the house, unless she signs the papers. Jyoti becomes stubborn and defiant. She begs for the life of her child, but Anjali pays no heed to it. She falls ill in excitement.

Anjali gets scared as Jyoti screams in pain. She tells Sojal to promptly call the doctor. The doctor opines that Jyoti's life can be at risk in such situations, as it is the seventh month of pregnancy. Jyoti falls unconscious.

Astha sees five missed calls from home in her mobile. Shlok switches off the mobile and says that they should spend time with each other. Anjali fails to contact Varad too!

Astha And Shlok Dwell In Hangover Of Their Love

Astha and Shlok become incredibly close to each other and have sorted out all their differences.

Shlok Vows To Keep Astha Happy Forever

Shlok and Astha have an emotional moment when he tells her that he cannot live without her.

Shlok Wants To Spend Time Alone With Astha

Shlok wishes to spend time with Astha and she insists that they experience the city, Astha-style, in its true colours.

Astha Introduces Shlok To A New World

Astha makes Shlok try things he has never done before, like drinking tea from a roadside vendor.

Niranjan Sees Anjali Sending Fruits

Meanwhile, Anjali is about to face hell as Niranjan has seen her sending fruits for Jyoti.

Niranjan Illtreats Anjali

Niranjan spills hot tea on Anjali's hand as a punishment.

Niranjan Threatens Anjali

Niranjan threatens her to get the bail papers signed by Jyoti.

Helpless Anjali

Anjali is left helpless and in pain, again.

Anjali Threatens Jyoti In Turn

Anjali says that she is more worried about the family's reputation due to Abhay's being in jail and demands Jyoti to sign the papers.

Jyoti Begs For Her Child's Life

Jyoti pleads with Anjali to have mercy on her child.

Jyoti Reacts To Anjali

Jyoti reacts with force and loses consciousness. Doctors predict risk to Jyoti's life. Can Anjali handle this burden now?

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