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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2: 21st May; Shlok Is About To Expel Anjali! (Pics)

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2, 21st May written episode: While Shlok is having a lot of fun in the day out, Astha insists that they should go back fast as there were several missed calls from home. Anjali becomes compelled to call Niranjan and inform about Jyoti's health. As soon as Jyoti comes back to senses, Anjali calls the doctor. The doctor tells her that Jyoti is out of danger now, but Anjali should specially take care of her.

Niranjan comes back before the phone call is over. Anjali tells him that she put her best effort to make Jyoti sign the papers. He expresses disgust over the fact that she has failed to do the job and moreover he has to bear the responsibilities of Jyoti's health.

Niranjan is about to beat up Anjali, but stops himself seeing Shlok and Astha. He utters that Anjali's misdeed is provoking him to beat her, but his values are preventing him. He puts the blame on Anjali for Jyoti's condition.

Shlok and Niranjan visit Jyoti's room. Jyoti tells Niranjan that she does not want to go back to Abhay. He poses like a caring and sensible father. He tells her that she can stay in the house as long as she wants.

Jyoti shares her pain with Shlok and explains how ruthless Anjali has been with her. Shlok becomes unable to control his anger. On the other hand, Astha forces Anjali to tell the truth, while Anjali keeps saying Niranjan's words.

Shlok becomes determined to expel Anjali from the house. He ruthlessly drags her and she fails to resist. She calls out Niranjan. Astha informs Niranjan about the matter as she fails to prevent Shlok.

Niranjan comes and stops Shlok. He says that he has been overlooking Anjali's mistakes and tolerating her for years, as she has given him a brilliant child like Shlok. He sends Shlok and others to their rooms and orders Anjali to bring tea for him!

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Astha And Shlok's Day Out

The two relish pani puri.

Sharing Icecream

Shlok drops his icecream on purpose so that he can share Astha's.

Anjali Panics

Anjali is unable to reach Astha. She calls Niranjan.

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Sid Is Tensed

Sid is worried about Jyoti's health.

Jyoti Hospitalised

Jyoti is out of danger, but doctors advise Anjali to take good care of her.

Anjali Prays

Anjali prays for Jyoti's health.

Anjali Refuses To Co-operate

Anjali pleads with Niranjan, saying she cannot pressurise her daughter to sign the papers.

Anjali Cares For Jyoti

Anjali tells Niranjan that she cannot see Jyoti in this condition.

Niranjan About To Hit Anjali

Nranjan lowers his hand on seeing Astha and Shlok approaching.

Niranjan Plays Double Game

Niranjan acts like a caring father with Jyoti.

Shlok Learns About Anjali's Behaviour

Shlok says he is ashamed of his own mother.

Shlok Drags Anjali Out

Shlok wants to expel Anjali.

Astha Shocked

Astha is shocked at Shlok's move.

Shlok warns Astha

Shlok asks Astha to stay out of the matter.

Astha Calls Niranjan

Niranjan stops Shlok.

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