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      Jodha Akbar: Jodha Lies To Keep Maha Manga Alive!


      Jodha Akbar 13th September written episode: Rukaiya comes to Jodha’s room and tells Jodha to be in complete rest. She specially takes care of Jodha saying that she will also become a mother of Jodha’s child. She forbids her to go out. Jodha tells Moti to send doctor to see Maha Manga. Moti warns her to be out of it as Akbar will become angry. Jodha ignores her advice. Maha Manga behaves rudely with the doctor and refuses food.

      Jodha herself visits the prison with Moti and tries to make Maham eat. Maham becomes more violent and throws the plate in a way which hurts Jodha’s forehead. While coming back, Akbar and Rukaiya see her wound. She lies that she went to the kitchen. They scold her. Akbar comes to see Bakshi’s daughter with a toy. He makes sound with the toy and calls her, but the baby does not respond. Akbar calls the lady doctor on an urgent basis. The doctor confirms that Mahtab has some serious hearing problem.

      Akbar remembers Maha Manga’s curse and becomes scared. Rukaiya quickly calls Pirs and orders them to perform elaborate rituals in Jodha’s room to overcome the bad effects of curse. She thinks that Bakshi’s child has been a victim of the curse. Jodha comes to know from Gul Badan Begum that there was a time when Maha Manga loved and protected Akbar most sincerely. Akbar sees Jodha praying for Maham’s good health. He opines that Maham is paying for her sins.

      Jodha is informed that Maham has completely stopped eating and her end is to come very soon. Jodha makes a plan and goes to the prison again with Jawida. She inspires Maham to live, saying that Jawida is pregnant with Adham’s child!

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