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Jodha Akbar: 14th April; Jalal Feels Helpless Without Jodha

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Jodha Akbar 14th April written episode: Jalal apologizes to Jodha’s mother. He promises her that he will not return to Agra without Jodha. He goes out in search of Jodha. Jodha comes to a shelter in Mathura. She comes to know that it is arranged and looked after by Todarmal. Jodha thinks that she has heard the name somewhere. She offers her golden bangles to the caretaker, in exchange of food and shelter. He says that it is a free service for the pilgrims and the shelterless people.

Sharifuddin talks about Jodha in isolation; Bakshi Banu hears his words and interrogates him. He becomes rude on her and hurts her hand. Akbar desperately searches for Jodha. He comes to a temple and gives Jodha’s description. A priest tells him that a Rajbanshi woman has taken shelter in the temple. Akbar feels hopeful; but the very next moment he discovers that it is not Jodha.

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Salima becomes worried for Jodha. Rukaiya insensibly suggests that Jodha can be in Ajmer, or living a healthy life somewhere else, as she must have jewels with her. She adds that Jodha must return with Akbar, if he finds her, as she is bound to follow Akbar’s order. And if she does not want to come back, Akbar will not care for her. Rukaiya is content with the idea that Akbar has no heart. Salima says that Jodha is a sensitive person and she will not forgive Akbar so easily.

Jodha thanks Kanha for giving her shelter. She also prays for Akbar and his family. A girl steals Jodha’s Kanha idol. She runs after her. Akbar feels weary and helpless as he fails to find out Jodha.

Jalal Decides To Continue Search

Jalal decides to continue his search for Jodha as she does not come to Ajmer even after day break.

Jalal's Promise

Jalal would promise Jodha's mother that he will find her daughter no matter what, not just as the King but as her son.

Jodha Reaches An Ashram

Jodha would reach an ashram where she gets shelter. She tells her name is Lakshmi.

Jalal Gets A Clue

Jalal would get a clue about a lady who is taking shelter in an ashram. But turns out it will not be Jodha.

Jalal Hurt

Jalal would be hurt to know that he hasn't yet found his Jodha.

Jalal Reminded Aout Jodha

Jalal would find a camp which reminds him of his time with Jodha.

Time With Jodha

The time when they had spent in a camp would come back to haunt Jalal.

Days Passing Without Jodha

With days passing without Jodha, Jalal starts feeling dejected.

Jodha Prays For Jalal

Jodha, on the other hand is in the ashram praying for Jalal and others in the palace.

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