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Jodha Akbar: 16th June; Jalal Dreams Of Jodha With His Child (Pics)

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    Jodha Akbar 16th June written episode: Shahnaz was only thinking of killing Akbar. While she is looking at the dagger of Akbar, he says that it is the dagger of his father and is very special to him. Shahnaz also sits on the throne of Humayun, in the darkness of night. She thinks now she should come out of her disguise and take action, as she has found her mother.

    Akbar sees a dream where he finds that Jodha would be the mother of his first son, she would become the Mariyam Jamani—the mother of the Mughal heir! He shares it with Jodha. Jodha tells him that dreams of dawn often come true.

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    At Dewan-E-Khas, Akbar declares celebration of the date of his Panipath victory. He wants to share his joy with the common mass. He introduces a new coin, with symbols of both Hindu and Muslim religions, to signify a united state.

    Resham Khan informs Maha Manga that Akbar was influenced by Jodha, before taking decision about Rukaiya. Maham goes to Rukaiya and provokes her, saying that she is having the mercy of Jodha.

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    Maham explains that Rukaiya tried to put Jodha down and become important herself, while just the reverse has happened in reality. Jodha spoke for her not because she likes her, but because she wanted to establish her greatness in front of Akbar.

    Rukaiya goes to Jodha’s room and bursts on her. She accuses Jodha of manipulating Akbar. Jodha explains that she only advised Akbar to understand the logic behind this crazy step of Rukaiya. A stubborn Rukaiya refuses to understand anything and says that she hates taking favour from anyone.

    Shanaz Dreams Of Killing Jalal

    Shanaz would hallucinate about stabbing Jalal and killing him.

    Shanaz Vows To Kill Him

    Shanaz would vows to kill Jalal and take the thrown to avenge her mother.

    Jalal Dreams

    Jalal would have a dream where he sees someone with a cradle.


    He would see a baby in someone's hands.

    It Would Be Jodha

    The person who would be holding the baby would be Jodha.

    Jalal Informs Her

    Jalal would waste no time to inform Jodha about his dream.

    Jodha Happy Too

    Jodha would be extremely happy hearing Jalal's dream.

    Dreams Come True

    Jodha would inform Jalal that often such dreams come true.

    Jalal And Jodha Discuss Rukhaiya

    Jalal and Jodha would discuss about Rukhaiya and how she stopped him from loosing his friend. Someone would overhear this.

    Maha Manga Informed

    Maha Manga would get informed about Jodha and Jalal's conversation. She would get infuriated that Jalal pardoned Rukhaiya and not her.

    Maha Manga Informs Rukhaiya

    Maha Manga would pass the information to Rukhaiya and makes sure she twists the news to infuriate her.

    Rukhaiya Attacks Jodha

    Rukhaiya attacks Jodha with harsh words. She would express her displeasure over the she being the cause for her being pardoned by Jalal.

    Jodha Shocked

    Jodha would be shocked to hear Rukhaiya's unfair comments. Rukhaiya evens says that she would repay her favour as soon as possible.

    Shanaz On The Thrown

    Shanaz would sneak into the court room and imagines herself being in Jalal's place.

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