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Jodha Akbar: 16th May; Jalal Places Jodha Portrait In Front Of Him

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Jodha Akbar 16th May written episode: Jodha wonders why Akbar cannot express his love, when he is actually so caring for her! Akbar tells the maid to bring Jodha’s portrait to his room. Jodha comes to give him Prasad. She feels honoured seeing her portrait there. Rukaiya comes with her joint portrait with Akbar.

Akbar gives Rukaiya the choice to place the portrait wherever she likes. Rukaiya declares that she would like to place it on the wall, toward which Akbar keeps his head while sleeping. She wants that whoever will enter the room, will be able to see the portrait and would realize the strength of their relationship.

Jodha Akbar

Akbar asks Jodha where she wants to see her portrait. Jodha declares that she has no demand and leaves the choice to Akbar. Akbar places it toward his feet. Rukaiya becomes happy with the idea that her place is on Akbar’s head while Jodha is supposed to stay at his feet! Akbar is occupied with the thought of Jodha, who unlike Rukaiya, has no desire to show off her love!

Jawida comes to Jodha and asks whether she is upset with her and Maha Manga. As she keeps asking it repeatedly, Jodha finds it weird. She laughs at Jawida and thinks it is another instance of her childish attitude. After Jawida leaves, Moti clears the matter to Jodha. She tells her that it was Maha Manga who created the misunderstanding between Akbar and her.

Jodha comes to Salima and discusses the matter. Salima explains how Akbar faced the toughest crisis of his life, when he was betrayed by Maha Manga. Both of them wonder how a mother can ditch her son and snatch his happiness.

Jodha sees Maha Manga and directly slams her for her misdeed. She has brought an insult to the whole race of mothers, claims Jodha. Maha Manga shouts at her saying that she is still the Wazire Aaliya and Jodha is none other than a Rajbanshi queen!

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