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Jodha Akbar: 19th April; Jalal Fakes Death To Find Jodha, Succeeds, But...

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Jodha Akbar 19th April written episode: Adam Khan wants to kill Adgar Khan. His associate suggests that he should concentrate on finishing Akbar. Abul Mali and Sharifuddin continue planning murder plots against Akbar. Maha Manga and the royal ladies keep wondering over the activities of Akbar. While Hamida and Salima are truly concerned for Jodha, Rukaiya openly expresses her disgust over the matter. Hamida reprimands her.

Jodha thinks she should leave the ashram, as she wants to avoid meeting Akbar. On the other hand Akbar gets up from sick bed and tells Todarmal that his prior duty is searching Jodha. Todarmal suggests that she must come in the Holi festival.

Akbar rushes to the festival venue, where Jodha has been taken by Shahnaz. Jodha throws colour on Akbar by mistake and begs pardon, without knowing that it is Akbar. He recognises her voice, but cannot see her as she has quickly left the place.

Akbar tells Todarmal that Jodha is present in the place. The ashram caretaker tells him that his description of the lady matches with Laxmi, who came to the ashram with a Kanha idol. He adds that when Akbar went to Laxmi’s chamber, he saw Shahnaz there. Akbar becomes confirm about Jodha’s presence. He seeks help from Todarmal and the caretaker.

Suddenly Jodha hears that ‘the person who saved the widow’, has succumbed to his injuries. She madly rushes to see whether Akbar has truly died! She sees Akbar lying with closed eyes. When she faints, someone holds her. She opens her eyes to see that it is none other than Akbar!

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Akbar tells Jodha that he has played this trick, to bring her close to him. Jodha takes no time in leaving the place. Akbar runs after her. She goes into water. He rescues her after a tough struggle. He holds her tightly and takes her to the riverbank. He apologizes to her.

At last, bursts Jodha! She pours out all her complaints, pains and disappointments. She strongly denies going back to Agra. She declares that she is not a plaything, to be kept or thrown as per wish. She comes back to her ashram chamber and cries in front of Kanha. There is a knock on the door. Jodha thinks it is Akbar.

Jodha opens the door after a lot of hesitation, to see King Bharmal !

Jalal Gets Treated Using Jodha's Medicine

Jalal gets treated using the medicine Jodha sends for him. He gets well without knowing it was sent by her.

Jodha Hides Away

Jodha would send the medicine for Jalal and makes sure he doesn't see her. She makes sure he is fine by checking on him too.

Jodha Playing Holi

Jodha would be playing holi with Shenaz and she accidentally puts it on Jalal as well.

Jalal Recognises Jodha's Voice

When Jodha puts holi on Jalal, she thinks he is a stranger and apologises to him. Jalal would recognise her voice but she would leave by the time he opens his eyes.

Jodha Fooled

Jalal, who now knows Jodha is nearby, plans to get her reach him on her own. He would pretend to be dead and gets the news to reach her. Jodha would come running to check if it's him.

Jodha Shattered

Jodha seeing it is Jalal who is on the ground dead would stand shocked. But when she is about to faint, Jalal would catch her from falling.

Jodha Leaves Jalal

Jodha realising Jalal's plan would run away from him. Even though Jalal would beg her to return, she would run away and even tries to kill herself.

Jalal Urges Jodha To Return

Jalal would urge Jodha to please forgive him and return to Agra with him.

Jodha Would Try To Die

Jodha would walk off into the water trying to get away from Jalal and killing herself if that is what would keep her away from him. Jalal would bring her back to the shore.

Jodha Speaks At Last

Jodha who has until now kept silent, would declare that she is not willing to forgive him as the hurt he has inflicted on her is very deep and she has not recovered from it. She says she cannot forgive him and is happy to live with her honour intact and she no longer wants to live a life in a relationship without trust.

Jodha Declares She Won't Return

Jodha would declare that she does not want to return to Agra with him and pleads him not to follow her any more.

Jodha's Father

Jodha's father would reach his daughter and says everything will be alright now and not to worry about anything.

Jodha Decided To Leave With Him

Jodha decides to leave him her father. Jalal would be standing by watching her leave him but would not ask to come with him again.

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