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Jodha Akbar: 1st April; Akbar Suspects Dilawar, Rejects Talking To Jodha

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Jodha Akbar 1st April written episode: Rukaiya asks Akbar whether there was any need for the birthday celebration. She insists that the eunuchs should be kept separate and never be given so much of importance. She does not like eating with them, but Akbar insists on taking part in the feast. He tells Rukaiya that everyone should be given the honour of a human being. Akbar notices Dilawar Khan’s etiquettes. His way of washing hands and eating expose that he is not a Muslim. Akbar becomes dubious.

Resham tells Akbar that Maha Manga is absent in the fest as she has gone to Darga. Maha Manga goes to a deserted place and gets a letter. Coming to her chamber, she burns the letter. When Jawida insists on attending the birthday party of Hoshier, Maha Manga rebukes her saying that neither the Wazire Aaliya nor her daughter-in-law can visit the birthday party of a eunuch.

Akbar calls Sujhamal aka Dilawar in front of Maha Manga and asks his true identity. Sujhamal cleverly manages the situation saying that he is not a true Muslim. He confesses that he has told a lie, out of utter helplessness, as he needed a job to run his livelihood. Akbar lets him go, but tells Maha Manga to keep watch.

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Jodha notices that Akbar is standing alone in front of the scale of Justice. She insists on sharing his worries but he refuses her outright. She further tells him that being a wife it is her duty to share his problems. Akbar pays no heed to her and leaves the place.

Adam Khan comes back to Agra. Akbar is informed about the death of Pir Mohammed and regrets the loss of a confidant. Maha Manga praises Adam Khan for his tact and hopes that soon he will gain more political power.

Rukhaiya's Opinion

Rukhaiya's opinion about celebrating with the servants was different from Jodha's.

Jalal Would Not Agree With Rukhaiya

Jalal would not agree with Rukhaiya's opinion but would decide to not delve on it further.

Jodha Neglected

Jalal and Rukhaiya make sure they neglected Jodha during the celebration.

Dilawar's Behavior

Dilawar's behavior would be of an Hindu, Jalal notices.

Dilawar Would Not Eat

Dilawar would pretend to eat and would not eat any of the meat on the table.

Jalal Suspects

Jalal would suspect why a Muslim would behave like a Hindu.

Rukhaiya Helps

Rukhaiya would help Jalal come back the reality.

Maha Manga's Secret

Maha Manga would get a secret message from a secret passage.

Jalal Confronts Dilawar

Jalal would ask Dilawar about his behaviour and she explains that she was not born a Muslim.

Jodha Tries To Talk

Jodha tries to talk with Jalal to figure out what was bothering him.

Jalal Rejects

Jalal would reject talking about any thing with Jodha and asks her to leave him alone.

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