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Jodha Akbar: 20th May; Shanaz Turns Villain, Plans To Kill Jodha-Jalal Together!

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Jodha Akbar 20th May written episode: When Akbar and Rukaiya burst into anger, Jodha argues that Shahnaz had no intention of hurting Rahim. Akbar slams Jodha for keeping a mad girl with her. Jodha replies that Shahnaz is not mad, only her brain is childlike.

Akbar declares that Shahnaz cannot be kept inside the palace. Shahnaz cries and apologizes to Jodha. Jodha comforts her. Salima Begum argues with Akbar that he should not interpret an accident in a wrong way and get angry with Jodha. She insists him into talking with Jodha and solving the matter.

It is the moment for celebrating their togetherness in their first marriage anniversary and so, they should not have arguments—opines Salima. Salima’s view irritates Rukaiya, as it is likely to change Akbar’s mind. Akbar visits Jodha’s chamber.

When Shahnaz is alone, she tears the head of the male doll and utters that she is not mad. She has come to the Mughal palace with an intention of snatching the throne from Akbar. And Jodha will be her pawn in this game. She laughs at Jodha and calls her a fool.

Rukaiya bursts into anguish as even after the accident of Rahim, Akbar is not angry with Jodha. She regrets that Salima Begum has defended Jodha as usual. She takes flowers from vases and crushes them. The event of the marriage anniversary upsets her more.

Hoshier insists on bringing new flowers. Rukaiya likes her proposal. She orders fresh roses, as she wants to gift flowers to Akbar, for his marriage anniversary with Jodha.

Akbar tells Jodha that he does not like arguing with her. He insists that they should forget all odds and start a new life. In the morning of the anniversary, Akbar finds Jodha praying to the Sun God for his well-being. Akbar comes to her. After wishing each other for the anniversary, they indulge in a warm embrace.

Jalal, Jodha, Rukhaiya, Salima

Jalal after seeing Rahim fall off the balcony and Shanaz laughing and clapping would be extremely angry.

Jalal's Anger At Jodha

Jalal would get angry at Jodha for brining Shanaz to the palace where she could have harmed Rahim.

Anger Outburst

When Jodha tries to defend Shanaz, Jalal would yell at her.

Shanaz And Jodha

Shanaz would then cry her eyes out for all the drama and she says she will never ever take toys. Jodha would console her.

Rukhaiya - Jalal

Rukhaiya would try to create a rift between Jodha and Jalal using the current issue.

Salima's Advice

Salima Begum would then advice Jalal that it is their wedding anniversary the next day and having a fight and hurting Jodha at this point of time is not good.

Jalal Comes To Jodha

Jalal comes to Jodha to explain himself.

Rahim Very Precious

Jalal would then explains to Jodha that at the point of time seeing Rahim in such danger and Shanaz laughing and clapping triggered his anger.

Shanaz The New Villain

It turns out Shanaz is not an innocent. She has apparently set out to kill Jodha and Jalal together.

Jalal's Love For Jodha

Jalal expresses that he does not want any more fights and differences between themselves.

Shanaz To Kill?

Looks like Shanaz has more to herself than a mere mentally challenged lady.

Rukhaiya's Simmering Anger

Rukhaiya would think of her time with Jalal before and expresses her anger towards Jodha.

Wedding Anniversay

On the morning of their first wedding anniversary, Jodha prays that Jalal be blessed with all happiness.

Jalal Wishes Jodha

Jalal too prays for Jodha's happiness and wishes her on their anniversary by hugging her.

Jodha And Jalal

Jodha and Jalal would stay content in standing in each others' embrace.

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