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Jodha Akbar: 21st April; Jodha Leaves To Ajmer With Her Father, Jalal To Follow?

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Jodha Akbar 21st April written episode: King Bharmal tries to counsel Jodha. He mentions how Akbar has been searching for her, with the most sincere effort. He says that he has seen pain and repentance in Akbar’s eyes. Jodha refuses to go with Akbar.

Bharmal opines that Jodha has behaved like a perfect Rajbanshi lady, who never compromises with her honour. He tells her to come to Ajmer, but Jodha refuses it too. Bharmal tells her not to misunderstand her mother. She never wanted to break relationship with Jodha, but tried to make her attached to her new family—clears Bharmal.

When Jodha sticks to her point, her father becomes stubborn too. He declares that he will stay in the ashram too, if Jodha stays there. She agrees to go to Ajmer. Bharmal seeks permission from Akbar to keep Jodha in Ajmer. He assures him that Jodha’s mind will change and she will calm down after some days. He adds that there will be a festival in Ajmer very soon and Jodha is wanted there.

Bharmal gives donation to the ashram and thanks Todarmal. Jodha bids sweet farewell to the ashram dwellers. But she cannot see Shahnaz anyhwere. She gives a token for Shahnaz in a lady’s hand. When she gets into her palanquin, she discovers Shahnaz inside. Shahnaz declares that she will never leave her. Jodha takes Shahnaz with her.

Akbar stares at Jodha with an appeal of apology in his eyes. He starts for Agra with a heavy mind. On his way he has a hallucination that Jodha is coming to him. Ajmer makes a grand preparation for Jodha’s welcome. her mother feels guilty, as she told her never to come to Ajmer without her husband. She gets prepared to apologize to Jodha.

Jodha's Father Reaches Jodha

Jodha's father reaches Jodha and tries to explain to her how upset and guilty Jalal was when she went missing. When she would not respond positively he would ask her to come to Ajmer with him.

Urges Jodha To Return

When Jodha refuses to return to Ajmer with him, he would declare he would not return as well if not with her.

Jodha Then Decides To Go

After a lot of persuasion Jodha would agree to go back to Ajmer with her father.

Jalal Hears The News

When Jalal hears the news about Jodha going to Ajmer with her father, Jalal wound be disappointed and hurt.

Festivities At Ajmer

Jodha's father would tell Jalal that the festivities in Ajmer might cheer her up and her mother and grandmother would help her as well.

Jodha Leaves The Ashram

Jodha would bid her goodbyes to the people in ashram before leaving.

Jalal Looks Upon

Jalal would stand aside brooding when Jodha would leave.

Jodha Hurt Too Much

Jodha even after looking at Jalal would decide to leave as the hurt he has inflicted on her has not yet healed.

Jalal Bids Adios Halfheartedly

Jalal bids adios to Jodha's father halfheartedly and would look absolutely hurting seeing Jodha leaving.

Jodha And Shehnaz

Jodha would have tried to search for Shehnaz when leaving but she would not find her. But she would be hiding inside her ride when Jodha gets in to leave.

Jodha's Mother

Jodha's mother receives the news about her arrival and would thank god for this. But she would be hesitating to meet her since she would have asked her not to come back to Ajmer previously.

Jalal Hallucinating

Jalal would start hallucinating about seeing Jodha.

Jodha Back To Jalal?

Jalal would start seeing Jodha on his way back. Is it real or not? Let's wait and watch.

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