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Jodha Akbar: 21st May; Ruhkaiya Fails To Spoil Jodha’s Happiness (Pics)

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Jodha Akbar 21st May written episode: Hoshier brings a beautiful bunch of pink and red roses. Rukhaiya sprays a liquid on a rose and tells a maid to smell it. The maid falls unconscious. After the confirmation test Rukhaiya sprays the liquid on a particular flower in the bunch of roses. She gifts the bunch to Akbar, so that he smells it and falls unconscious before he can participate in the anniversary celebration. But there is no effect on Akbar. Rukhaiya is shocked.

Shahnaz stealthily enters into a room and searches for something that could help her in her mission. She opens a trunk and searches inside it. She finds Humayunnama on a table and starts going through it.

Gulbadan Begum sees Shahnaz and rebukes her for entering a room without asking for permission. Shahnaz again behaves like a child and says that she was searching for a piece of paper, as she wants to write a letter of apology to Rahim.

Maha Manga tells Adam that she is going to wish Akbar. Adam tries to prevent her. She tells Adam that enemy should be killed by trick, not by power. She reminds Adam that she hates Jalal and now whatever she is doing, it is for the good of Adam.

Hamida calls Akbar and Jodha to wish them and gift them for their anniversary. A messenger informs that Maha Manga wants to meet Akbar. Akbar refuses to meet her, as he is sure that she can never wish him from her heart. Hamida and Jodha insist that he should forget bad things and enjoy the day. Akbar lets Maha Manga come in. But when she wishes him, he avoids her and leaves the room with Jodha.

Rukhaiya is upset about the fact that the chemical in the rose failed to make Akbar unconscious. She expresses her disgust to Hoshier. Hishier recalls how she came to know about Rukhaiya’s plan and changed the medicated rose at the right moment, as she did not want to spoil Jodha’s happiness.

Rukhaiya's Plan

Rukhaiya would plan to spoil the celebration of Jodha and Jalal's first wedding anniversary by making Jalal unconscious.

She Tests And Tries A Potion

Rukhaiya would try a tested potion on Jalal's favourite flowers which she knows for sure he would smell.

Jalal Smells It

Jalal would smell the flowers but would have no effect.

Rukhaiya Shocked

Rukhaiya would be shocked to see Jalal fine even after sniffing the flowers.

Jalal Fine

Jalal would be fine and would excuse himself to see to the arrangements.

Hamida Begam's Blessings

Hamida begum would bless the couple and gift them beautiful crowns.

Maha Manga Issue

Jalal would refuse to acknowledge Maha Manga. Hamida and Jodha both would ask him to reconsider. But he would not listen.

Ignores Maha Manga

Maha Manga would greet Jalal and Hamida and would not greet Jodha. Jalal on the other hand would not acknowledge her presense.

Hoshier's Loyalty

Hoshier would have seen Rukhaiya put the potion on the flower. Keeping in mind Jodha celebrating her birthday, Hoshier would choose to replace the flower with a regular one.

Jodha And Jalal's Anniversary Celebrations

Jodha and Jalal's anniversary celebrations would escape Rukhaiya and will be celebrated without any hindrances.

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