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Jodha Akbar: 22nd May; Jodha, Jalal Go Exploring, Almost Find Maha Manga's Hiding Place!(Pics)

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Jodha Akbar 22nd May written episode: Jodha and Akbar visit the prison to distribute sweets among prisoners. Akbar reminds Jodha the day when she touched his neck with sword. He also recalls her oath of killing Jalaluddin Mohammed. Jodha becomes naughty and says that she still feels like killing him sometimes.

They find Zakira being tortured by the prison staffs. Akbar reprimands them and sets her free. He understands that she was merely a maid of Benazir and had no other option than being obedient to her. He remembers Jodha’s words that physically challenged persons should never be tortured.

While walking through the prison path, Akbar discovers a secret path. He remembers that he heard about such paths from his father. They travel and come near the secret prison where Maha Manga has kept her captive. Maha Manga visits the prison at the same time, to torture her captive. She hears the footsteps of Jodha and Akbar and becomes alert.

Jodha hears the groaning and moaning of the captive and alerts Akbar. They check thoroughly but fail to find anything. Akbar thinks that the sound must have been caused by some animal. He insists on leaving the place fast and getting ready for the festival.

When Jodha is dressing up in her room, Akbar comes to see her. Jodha orders to bring khir to sweeten Akbar’s mouth. When they are engaged in romantic discourse, suddenly they hear a ruckus outside. Soon they discover Moti struggling with Shahnaz as the latter has snatched the bowl of khir. Shahnaz drops the khir near Akbar’s feet.

Shahnaz pretends being scared and begs for apology. After she leaves the room, Akbar expresses his disgust. He tells Joda that he cannot allow the girl to take part in the festival, as she can spoil the function anytime. Jodha is hurt.

Rukaiya avoids the anniversary function with an excuse of illness. As the program starts, the sound disturbs her. She swears to snatch her Jalal from Jodha!

Jalal's Teasing Continues

Jalal would try to make Jodha accept that she loves him, but she would divert the issue and escape the situation.

Jalal Finds A Girl Being Punished

Jalal would run into a girl being punished brutally, who was involved with Benazir at plotting at killing him. He would warn the people doing it and stops it.

Jalal Forgives ANd Releases The Girl

Jalal would forgive the girl involved as she was just following her mistresses words. She would inform that she will pray for Jalal and Jodha's wellbeing for the rest of her life.

Jodha Delighted

Jodha would be delighted to see Jalal deal with the situation.

Secret Tunnel

Jodha and Jalal would go exploring their surroundings and run into a secret tunnel. They would decide to explore the place.

Jodha Hears Voice

Jalal would try to check if he can open a door in the tunnel when Jodha hears a voice. A voice of a person in pain.

Maha Manga Gets Alerted

Maha Manga hears the noise that Jalal would be making when trying to open the door in the tunnel and hides herself and the person she will be hiding.

Jalal And Jodha Find Nothing

Jodha and Jalal would almost find Maha Manga hiding, but would return back to the palace it will be getting late for the celebrations.

The Couple

Jalal would express that next to a beautiful wife like her, he has to make sure he is well presented.


Shanaz would interfere and volunteer to feed Jdoha and Jalal the kheer.

Jalal Forbids Shanaz From Celebrations

Jalal would forbid Shahnaz from participating in the anniversary celebrations.

Jalal On The Thrown

Jalal would sit on the thrown and await for his Begum Jodha.

Jodha Arrives

Jodha would arrive and greet everyone before taking her place next to Jalal.

Rukhaiya Fuming

Rukhaiya would be fuming in her chamber unable to bare the celebrations. She owes to separate Jodha and Jalal.

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