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Jodha Akbar: 26th March; Jodha Jealous About Jalal-Rukhaiya

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Jodha Akbar 26th March written episode: When Sharifuddin sees Dilawar Khan, his face reminds him the face of Sujhamal. He thinks that it is a mere coincidence; Sujhamal feels relaxed. At Dewan-E-Khas, Sujhamal hears Akbar’s order that he wants him, alive or dead.

Akbar tells Dilawar alias Sujhamal to take special care of his sister. It seems that he has not identified him. Jodha visits Bakshi Banu’s chamber to give medicine to her; she gives the medicine in Sujhamal’s hand, but cannot recognise him. Sujhamal thinks that anyone cannot easily recognise him.

Sujhamal finds Jodha’s portrait in Bakshi’s chamber. When he asks about it, she repeats the chapter of Tabasum’s painting. he notices Bakshi’s anger and jealousy over the fact and feels dubious. Bakshi orders him to give the portrait to Jodha.

Gulbadan Begum calls Rukaiya as she is writing Humaunnama and wants to mention her in the book. She recalls that Rukaiya’s father was a confidant of Humayun and her custody was given to Humayun when she was a child. Akbar started liking her from the very first day. Hoshier informs Rukaiya that Akbar has planned to spend the night with her.

Rukaiya makes a grand preparation for her special night with Akbar. Maha Manga alerts her saying that Akbar is upset with some incidents and Rukaiya must look after it. She adds that Akbar is probably in love; Rukaiya rubbishes her idea.

Jodha cannot understand why she is feeling bad to know that Akbar is spending the night with Rukaiya!


When Sharifuddin sees Dilawar Khan, his face reminds him the face of Sujhamal.

Sujhamal - Jodha

Sujhamal would not be able to stop himself from looking at his brother and sister in Jalal's palace.

Maha Manga Knows

Maha Manga knows about Sujhamal's act.

Jalal In Court

Jalal in court.

Jodha Upset

Jodha would get upset with Jalal's words in court.

Sujhamal Finds Jodha's Portrait

Sujhamal when visits Bhakshi Bhanu finds Jodha's portrait in her chamber.

Doubts Her Behavior

Bhakshi Bhanu's behaviour towards Jodha makes Sujhamal suspect her.

Jodha Upset

Jodha would not be able to understand why she is unhappy about Jalal visiting Rukhaiya!

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