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Jodha Akbar: 26th May; Jodha Jealous Of Jalal's Other Wives! (Pics)

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Jodha Akbar 26th May written episode: Rukaiya plans to create a buzz of pregnancy, only to mar Jodha’s day and keep her away from Akbar; but does she succeed?

When Akbar comes to Jodha’s room to share his happiness with her, he finds tears in her eyes and her voice choked. She cannot hide her envy. She knows that her husband is an Emperor and he has the license of marrying as many times as he wishes. Still she is unable to accept it.

Jodha slams the trend of patriarchy which allows men to keep multiple wives and partners, but in case of women it is strict regarding loyalty. Akbar is surprised to see envy in a woman, who has been broad-minded and open-hearted in all instances. He cannot stop himself from asking the reason. And Jodha utters those words finally, that she loves Akbar!

Akbar tries to calm down his most special Queen and explains their relationship. He gives the example of Lord Kanha, who had sixteen thousand Queens, still Radha was so special!

Akbar admits that Jodha is the woman who has awakened the heart of Jalal, who was a tough-minded soldier before. He illustrates that it is not a love story of a Muslim King and a Hindu Princess, but the story of two human beings, born to love each other. And the human race will remember their saga, claims Akbar!

So, the night comes at last, when all barriers are broken. And Jodha overcomes her hesitation. Jodha and Akbar are lost in romance and lovemaking. The night witnesses the union of two souls, made for each other!

Jalal Orders Security

Jalal would give orders that the news about Rukhaiya's pregnancy should never leave the palace and that the security has to be increased immediately.

Jalal Finds Jodha

After dealing with Rukhaiya begum's issue, Jalal would come immediately back to Jodha. But he would be shocked to find her upset.

Jodha Explains

Jodha explains that she knows he has many wives but him spending time with them is upsetting her badly.

Jalal Explains

Jalal tries to make Jodha understand that though he has numerous wives it is she who has his heart. And that until he married her he was just a soldier without a heart. But after marrying her he became a human being.

Jalal - Kanha

Jalal would try to make Jodha understand by giving Kanha's example. He would explain to Jodha that Kanha too had many wives but he too had just one person in his heart, Radha, just like he has her in his heart.

Jodha Understands

Jodha understands that she owns Jalal's heart but still she would be hurt.

Jodha Jealous

Jodha explains that though she knows their situation, as a wife she is still jealous when Jalal is with his other wives.

Jalal Asks Why

When Jalal asks why is she feeling jealous, Jodha tells him that the reason is because she loves him.

Jalal Tries To Get Closer

But when Jalal tries to get closer to him, she would move away.

Jalal Starts To Leave

And when she thinks Jalal would going to leave her, she would hold him.

They Understand Each Other At Last

Jodha and Jalal are finally understanding each other's feelings.

Together At Last

Jodha and Jalal are at last together.

Preview - Rukhaiya Walks In

Rukhaiya would walk into Jalal's chamber to find Jodha and Jalal together.

Rukhaiya Shocked

Rukhaiya, who would have gone to extreme level to announce that she is pregnant to make their anniversary ruined would be shocked that all that she has done is of no use.

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