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Jodha Akbar: 28th April; Jalal Returns To Agra, Without Jodha

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Jodha Akbar 28th April written episode: Hamida is troubled with the secret activities of Maha Manga. She confides in Salima, who suggests that Hamida should talk with Maha Manga and clear her doubts. Maha Mnaga feels insulted at Hamida’s question. She explains that she goes inside the jungle to pray in solitariness. Hamida is not convinced. She insists on seeing the place.

Maha Manga becomes compelled to take Hamida to the place. She takes her inside the secret hut. Hamida is still confused over the fact that Maha Manga prefers to pray in such a weird place, when she has the freedom of praying wherever she wishes. Maha Manga argues that everyone has his/her own style of prayer.

Adgar Khan thinks if Atmad Khan’s complaint against Maha Manga is true, the case is extremely complicated and Atmad’s life is at risk. He arranges strong security for Atmad. He tells him to stay inside the palace, until Akbar comes back.

Both Akbar and Jodha feel shattered being detached from each other. Akbar returns to the palace with a gloomy face. He behaves apathetically to Rukaiya’s excitement for him. Maha Manga’s exaggerated concern for Jodha raises doubt in Adgar’s mind. Akbar begs apology from Hamida for not being able to bring Jodha back.

Hamida reprimands Akbar and slams him for doubting Jodha, who once risked her own life to save him. On the other hand Maynawati rebukes Jodha for being over egoist. She says that in Rajbanshi tradition, a husband never becomes so sincere for apology, if his wife leaves his house. Jodha is lucky that Akbar has given so much effort to take her back, opines Maynawati.

Maynawati tells Jodha that she cannot oblige her to go back to Agra, as Ajmer is her home too. But she reminds Jodha that ego should never be indulged so much that it eats up one’s emotions. She asks Jodha, if she truly wishes to stay at Ajmer forever, then why she keeps thinking about Akbar.

Jalal Returns To Agra

Jalal returns to Agra without Jodha. He would be heartbroken that Jodha could not forgive him even when he left everything and everyone and left to get her back.

Jodha Upset Too

Jodha too would be upset. She would is still angry that Jalal insulted her and doubted her character, but she still is feeling empty when he left.

Manyavati's Advice

When Jodha would refuse to eat for five continuous days her mother Manyavati would try to help her understand what she wants to do.

Hamida Follows Maha Manga

After Hamida sees Maha Manga sneaking away into the forest she would feel unsettled no matter what. She would then asks Salima Begam's advice who asks her to confront Maha Manga and ask her directly.

Maha Manga's Explanation

Maha Manga would then explain that she often goes to this place inside the forest where she prays and finds peace. When Hamida tells she wants to go there with her immediately, both the ladies go to the hidden place.

Secret Place

Maha Manga takes Hamida to the secret place. They even go inside and Maha Manga shows the place where she prays.

Jalal's Return

Jalal would return to Agra. Maha Manga and Rukhaiya Begam would receive him.

Jalal Apologises To His Mother

Jalal would apologise to his mother for failing to fulfill his promise to bring back Jodha to her.

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