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Jodha Akbar: 29th May; Rukhaiya To Fake Illness Each Time Jodha, Jalal Get Close(Pics)

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Jodha Akbar 29th May written episode: Being informed about Rukaiya’s illness, Jodha and Akbar rush to her room. Rukaiya clings to Akbar and tries to cause pain to Jodha. She confirms again and again that Akbar loves her. Jodha’s eyes become morose. Rukaiya swears that she would never allow closeness between Jodha and Jalal.

Shahnaz comes to Adam’s room with an intention of searching. Adam catches her and wants to have her company. Shahnaz pretends being a child and says that she was searching her doll.

Adam touches her dupatta and she gives it to him without caring for shame. Jodha watches it and rushes to Shahnaz. She takes her dupatta back and warns Adam that he must honour women.

Zakira is taken to the court for the final hearing of her case, as Akbar has promised to release her. She suddenly takes the dagger of a soldier and runs towards Rahim. Soon, everyone finds Rahim on the floor and blood in Zakira’s dagger.

When Akbar is almost about to send her back to jail, she shows a snake inside the bush and Salima finds that Rahim is absolutely fine. It becomes clear that Zakira has promptly killed the snake to save Rahim’s life.

When Akbar wants to gift something to Zakira, she asks for a job in the Mughal palace. Atgah opposes to it as he thinks that Zakira was once involved in Akbar’s murder plan and so she should not be kept inside the palace. Jodha supports him.

Zakira tells Jodha that she is ready to give her life to earn her trust. Jodha tells her to prove it and gives her a dagger. Zakira is truly about to hit herself. Jodha stops her. She becomes sure that Zakira has changed. She takes Zakira for her service.

Rukaiya sees Akbar going towards Jodha’s room. Akbar meets Jodha to enjoy her company. He proposes her to assist him in political issues as Maha Manga is absent. Jodha declines, as she is engaged in Rukaiya’s service.

Akbar is again impressed by Jodha’s big heart. And Jodha is again called by Rukaiya!

Rukhaiya Fakes Illness

Knowing Jalal and Jodha are together, Rukhaiya would fake extreme illness and sends word to Jalal and Jodha.

Jalal Worried

Jalal would get worried looking at Rukhaiya in pain.

Hukkah The Reason

Jodha would inform them that her inhaling Hukkah must have caused the caught.

Rukhaiya's Plan

Rukhaiya's plan succeeds in getting them separated. She would decide that she will be repeating this each time they get closer.

Jodha Watches

Jodha would be asked to make medicine for her headache.

Shanaz In Adham Khan's Room

Shanaz would sneak into Adham Khan's room to see if she can find something there. But Adham would find her before that.

Jodha Interferes

Jodha would interfere and save Shanaz by warning off Adham Khan.

Jalal Grants A Wish To Zakira

Zakira would save Rahim from a snake attack. Later in the court she would be asked if she wants a reward. She would wish to get a job at the palace.

Zakira Saves Rahim

Jodha tests her by asking her to prove she would give her life for Jalal. She would. Almost.

Jalal On His Way To Jodha

Rukhaiya would see Jalal on his way to Jodha and decides to create another scene.

Jalal With Jodha

Jalal would go to Jodha with a neck pain. Jodha would make a medicine and gives him a massage.

Jalal Requests Jodha

Jalal would request Jodha to help him in the matters of the court since he has no Maha Manga now.

Jodha's Reply

Jodha would apologise to him as she would be occupied with Rukhaiya begum.

Jodha's Selflessness

Jodha's selflessness would impress Jalal yet again.


Jodha and Jalal would get interrupted yet again as Rukhaiya's health summons Jodha yet again.

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